Friday Favorites

It’s the Friday after Thanksgiving and I’ve managed to steal some time with a cup of coffee to document a few favorites lately. Read on 🙂

Yoga with friends

After every yoga class I’ve taken, I feel melty and delicious. I don’t think anyone regrets a hour or so on the mat. At least I never do! And what makes yoga even better? Doing it with a friend.

There’s a free yoga class on Sunday mornings near my house and a candlelit one I love to go to on Wednesdays. This past week I’ve had 2 different friends join me for each class and my practice was better. More fun. More love. More light.

Pair it with a cup of coffee before or a glass of wine after and you’ve got yourself the perfect friend date!


New bedding

One of my favorites things about Mike is his concern for the environment. He hates throwing things away that will end up in landfill. Over the years he has made me a lot more aware of using every last ounce of things before we toss them. Finally, after almost 5 years, it was time to get a new bedspread. We upgraded ourselves to a duvet and sheets that feel like butter. Literally when we get in bed we I say “oooh, like buttah” every time.


Califa almond milk

I’ll admit I am an almond milk snob. In my opinion, Almond Breeze is way too runny. I think Starbucks uses there own almond milk and I don’t trust it. Peet’s uses Pacific almond milk and it’s good; better that Almond Breeze everyday of the week. BUT it’s simply not Califa. Califa is my jam. Like, they should pay me with how much I promote the weirdly shaped bottled almond milk. It’s so legit. Creamy and flavorful. Carrageenan free. 0g of sugar.


BOLD, UNSWEETENED, authentic, FEARLESS, delicious. (< okay, they shouldn’t pay me for that one because I took it from the back of their bottle;)

My fiancé! 

Some people say getting engaged feels the same as being BF/GF but I’m here to tell you it’s totally different. It’s 100% better! The moment that pretty little ring slid on my finger, something shifted. It could just be engagement bliss but I think it’s deeper than that. My mind is like, this is my man! For life. I’m not naive enough to think we won’t ever argue again but somehow the little things that used to cause a few rifts don’t matter anymore. It feels like all we want to do is soak each other in.

I look at Mike and think he’s magic.


And he’s mine!

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