Color Factory

Mike and I visited the Color Factory in San Francisco a few weeks ago. Holy photo ops! šŸ˜‰

It was a fun experience and worth the money (tickets were $35/person), mostly because you get treats along the way. You start the journey walking down rainbow steps. (Pretty sure this is also when Mike realized we were going to be taking way more pictures than he wanted to that evening… must.capture.everything.)


At the bottom of the steps, a Color Factory employee greets you, tells you a few rules and gives you your photo cards that you can scan during your experience to take HD pictures in the rooms. Our first pic is below. šŸ™‚


There’s a Willy-Wonka-feeling smell wall after. I was less than impressed with this but that could have been because THERE WAS SO MUCH COLOR WAITING TO BE EXPLORED.

unnamed (3)


unnamed (4)

unnamed (2)

A back and white room was next, complete with charcoal lemonade to sample.


After macaroons and lemonade, was the orange room; a room that was painted orange with an orange couch and orange things on the walls. I think this is something I could have put together but whatever! It warranted a picture nonetheless.


Next was a tiny room filled with balloons. Pretty cool! This was the first room that was more interactive, which I enjoyed.


We ran into a plethora of disco balls after, in a room that was playing old disco hits.


Then, a giant light bright. Sounds super Silicon Valley but I was kinda like, been there, seen that at the Googs

In typically Mike fashion, he explained the wall to me and the mechanics behind it. AlsoĀ super Silicon Valley, an engineer fiancĆ©. ā¤


We were dumped into a bright white room with 5 foot green markers after. I think this room is better in theory than reality. It turns out, a marker that is as big as you are is hard to use. (Disclaimer: the photo below is staged — I did not have the talent, or the strength, to draw that heart.)



My second favorite was next! 10,000 colored ribbons hanging from the ceiling to walk through. It felt whimsical to be surrounded by all of those ribbons, despite the little kids you couldn’t see in there that were constantly bumping into you. lol



One word. Confetti.


It was so fun scoping up handfuls of confetti and throwing them up above us. Like, I want a confetti room at my next birthday.


The only downside, confetti everywhere. (I was finding pieces in my purse for days.)


(There was also a “selfie” room, that had a printer spitting out selfies from the internet every second. They were all over the floor, black and white selfies everywhere. And… that was kind of it…?

To be fair, maybe there was some profound artistic message that was lost on me. Idk, either way, no photos of this room.)

The big sha-bang ending was the yellow room/ball pit. Again, I’m already familiar with the ball pit game from my days at Google but this one was massive and had cameras on the ceiling to take pics like these:

unnamed (1)


As to be expected, diving into a ball pit is still as fun as it was as a kid. But, hot!

A sweaty, swell time.


After the ball pit, we got our last treat. An ice cream cone that wasn’t photographed.

Overall, I’m glad we went and recommend going if you can snag tickets! Just be sure your phone is charged.Ā šŸ“ø


Friday Favorites – January edition

Read on to see what I’ve been loving this month!

Cocokind Organic SkincareĀ 


My manager bought this sampler kit for me for Christmas and when I opened it, I was like, are we best friends!? I’ve been wanting to try this product for a while and it does not disappoint. I don’t use it everyday. I don’t always use all of the products at one time. But when I do use it, bliss. Every time.

On New Years Day, I started my morning by doing the whole regimen. My skin felt so clean and soft after. I don’t have the time It’s not a priority for me to do a whole skincare circuit every night (a simple face scrub in the shower usually works for me). That being said, I do find myself reaching for the cocokind moisturizer almost everyday.

Somebody Feed Phil

Who has watched this on Netflix? It’s my current binge. The producer of Everybody Loves Raymon – Phil – travels to different parts of the world trying local cuisine. …I know, I know, this kind of thing has been done a million times but, for some reason, I really like this show. (Although, sometimes I find Phil a little annoying… hah)

One of the episodes is in New Orleans, where I recently booked a ticket to for a bachelorette party in June. Exciting!

Another good one was inĀ Vietnam. Mike and I are throwing around honeymoon ideas and when he mentioned Vietnam, it was a hard no. “Was” being the operative word… After watching the episode in Ho Chi Minh (and reading a few of my future sister in law’s blog posts on visitingĀ Vietnam), I’m thinking, maybe… Stay tuned. šŸ˜‰

Natural deodorant

THIS IS LIFE CHANGING. I’ve been looking for a natural deodorant that actually works for years and I finally found it. The only weird/kind of inconvenient thing about it is that you have to apply it by scoping the paste on your fingers, rolling it around to semi-liquify the deodorant, and then spread it under your armpits. It’s a intimate thing to do first thing in the morning when you’re half asleep…


New to us/old blenderĀ 


My mom and stepdad were getting rid of theirĀ Breville blender and asked if Mike and I wanted it. Um, yes! There’s a joke that Mike’s family loves any Breville (between us and them, we must be racking in like, 15 appliances) but I understand why. They’re such good products. Mike and I have their tea maker, espresso machine, toaster oven, and now, a blender!

Side note: I didn’t know what my mom was talking about until she brought it to my house. I instantly remembered it from my illegal margaritas when the ‘rents were out of town smoothie making days when I lived at home. Aside from it being a BREVILLE, I love that the jug (?) is stainless steel vs. plastic or glass. Everything stays so cold! …Perfect for a marg. šŸ˜‰

All of the Breville

This coffee cup

Speaking of my mama llama, she got me this “A” cup for Christmas and it quickly became my favorite. It fits perfectly under my (#breville) espresso maker for those morning cups of java and I love anything with an A on it.


Buddha Bowl Foods

I went to visit my friend, Lauren, for lunch at Facebook last week and looted a bag of Himalayan Pink Salt Popcorn from Buddha Bowl Foods. Omg, love! I hope they sell this at Whole Foods or … I’m going to need her to start snagging bags. šŸ˜‰