Saturday Stitches

My No Negative June is coming to an end and it has been hard to remain positive over the past few days; granted this is because of an injury that has left me feeling pretty helpless.

This past Saturday Mike and I went for a bike ride and, as we were riding downhill, approaching a red light,  I face planted off of my bike and onto the street. I was putting my water bottle away when I noticed the red light and – because we were going down hill – I nervously tried to reduce my speed. The problem was I only used my left hand/break which caused my front tire to stop but not my back. The next thing I knew I was facedown in the street with blood gushing out of my chin.

Luckily an officer was nearby and she stopped to help us. Unluckily, I don’t have insurance until July 1st (tomorrow) since I recently changed jobs. This means all of my medical expenses have to be paid out of pocket.

The officer who stopped was really sweet. She called the fire department and EMT because I think my injuries looked a lot worse than they were. When I see (or hear or think about) blood, I become very nauseous. Since my chin was bleeding I felt very faint but I didn’t feel like I had a concussion or anything too serious. Nonetheless, the officer thought it was best to call for medical assistance. Up until this point I was relatively calm but as soon as one of the first responders came and told me I would likely need stitches – and I remembered I didn’t have insurance – I started freaking out.

The first responders took my blood pressure and were concerned because it was so low. They wanted me to take an ambulance to the ER. I immediately thought about all of the expensive ambulance bills horror stories I’ve heard and started to cry. There was no way I was getting in an ambulance without insurance.

The fact that I had just been involved in an accident – and was still bleeding – but had to be concerned about medical bills and insurance is disappointing. It astounds me that we don’t have a publicly funded healthcare system in America…

Luckily Mike was able to get a hold of a friend who graciously came and picked me up and took me to an Urgent Care nearby. Mike stayed with our bikes until our other close friends were able to come and get him.

At Urgent Care I had to pay $150 for the office visit alone and an additional $350 for stitches in my chin. A $500 bill! Thankfully I can afford this unexpected medical bill but truly feel for the folks who would have been put over their financial threshold because of one doctors office visit.

Stitched up and getting an I.V.

The doctor and staff were thankfully very understanding of how nauseous I become around blood. They even put on some “spa” music while the MD stitched my chin, while the nurses held my hands throughout the procedure. Mike & I chuckle at the site of mellow music playing on an iPhone nearby and both my hands tightly clinging to the nurses for comfort. As you can probably tell, I am a bit of a baby when it comes to these kinds of things and might be perceived as melodramatic… No matter, I’m just grateful for a gracious medical team!

I left Urgent Care a few hours later and quickly realized that my chin was actually the easiest thing to deal with in comparison to my other injuries. I had also scrapped my palms, forearms, knees, and maybe bruised my ribs? And while they were surface level wounds, my palms made a lot of things difficult to do Including bathing and brushing my hair; two things I like to do daily. Thank goodness for living with your boyfriend who can help you bathe and neighbors who will brush and French braid your hair… My ribs were better after a day or two but it was hard to sleep – because any movement cause rippling pain – those first few nights.

I am lucky to have Mike who helped me a lot while I recovered. And family and friends nearby. My mom and stepdad came over the day of my accident and brought me flowers, Neosporin, and pineapple (the doctor told me pineapple helps with inflammation). Our friends Sam, Shelby, Conor, and baby Owen spent their Saturday afternoon in the waiting room after driving me and Mike to Urgent Care (not to mention Shelby’s daily text messages checking in on me and making sure I am okay).

Aside from having a good supportive system to help me while I heal, it has been a painful and frustrating few days. Tomorrow is the start of July and this experience has put a kink in my project of No Negativity this month. I am trying to keep things in perspective and realize 1. my injuries could have been a lot worse and 2. I will, of course, be better soon. The one thing I can’t shake is the sadness that comes with realizing our “system” is not set up for people who don’t have insurance or close friends and family nearby.

A day in the life (Tuesday)

I don’t know why but I love reading Day in the Life posts. Something about seeing what my favorite bloggers do in a normal, unscripted day makes me feel like I am getting a behind the scenes glance into their lives. Not that I expect anyone to love reading about my random Tuesday (except maybe my parents; hi mom!) but I still thought it would be fun to partake in this internet trend.

7am: Alarm goes off, hit snooze

7:10am: Alarm goes off again, hit snooze

7:25am: Finally get out of bed/get ready

7:45am: Make breakfast (I usually breakfast when I get to work but I had some cashew milk to use today)


8:00am: Leave the house with all of my bags for the day; purse, laptop backpack and gym stuff


8:15am: Hop on the shuttle to work

9:30am: Grab a latte and work for a while in a cafe on campus


11:30am: Snack attack! Time for veggies, hummus, and grapes

Yes, I have a mouse pad of my own blog…. 😉

1:00pm: Ride to Taco Tuesday!


3:00pm: Meet with a colleague to work together


5:00pm: Cardio sculpt!


6:00pm: Snack attack round II


7:00pm: Home/champagne + FaceTime with my good friend Nicole while dinner is in the oven

Nicole and I have been friends forever and her carefree, positive spirit is contagious. A definite gem to hang around during a month of No Negativity! Especially with life advice nuggets like, “just eat well, smile, and have a drink.”

Cheers to that, sister.


7:30pm: Dinner

Mike wasn’t home so a simple dinner of fishstix and garlic green beans it was!

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8pm: Start this blog post

10pm: Get in bed and write in my 642 Things To Write About book


10:15pm: Read for a bit before turning off the lights and going to sleep

That’s a wrap!

Stay tuned and eat your greens.

** Note this blog went through a rebrand and is now veg vibes; which aligns better with the direction I organically gravitated towards. It’s all about your vibe **

Talk positive, be positive.

It’s been a little over a week since I’ve started my No Negativity June and I’m actually surprised at how easy it’s been. It seems that just becoming more mindful of negative talk has already proven to be a big part of the solution. Once I had a mind shift and recognized I wanted to be better at engaging in worthwhile conversations, it came pretty naturally.

Of course, positive reinforcements are welcome; which brings me back to last Friday…

(First, some background information:) A while ago, Mike and I saw the movie Everest and it sparked a major climbing fascination for us. We started watching climbing documentaries on Netflix and Amazon. One of my favorites being Meru. Like with many good documentaries, after watching Meru, I was bombarded by eager curiosity. As the credits were rolling I promptly started googling everything about the movie. I learned about the personal lives of the cast, followed a few on Instagram, and, in the months after, recommended Meru to many, many people.

I’m not a hardcore climber but there is something so fascinating about the sport to me. I soak up facts and stories about summits like a sponge filling itself plump with water. So, when I found out Conrad Anker – one of the 3 mountaineers that summited Meru in the film – was coming to give a talk at Google, I was beyond stoked.

Since the talk wasn’t in my building, I figured I would just live stream it. Last Friday I logged on to watch from my laptop but couldn’t quench the need to be there in person. About 5 minutes into Conrad talking about Everest (he’s also summited Everest 3 times) I decided to bike over to the building the talk was in. I don’t think I’ve ever rode faster across campus! Out of breathe and a little sweaty, I quietly entered the room and stood in the back for the remaining time Conrad spoke.


I was filled with such inspiration during and after the talk. An inspiration I’ve felt before when diving deeper into the world of sport.

Let me back up quickly. Mike is a triathlete and I often accompany him to races. And while it is unlikely I would ever participate myself, I love going and feeling the good vibes of the race. Time and time again, racers prove to be encouraging, compassionate, and, of course, hard working.

During Friday’s talk, Conrad spoke mostly about Everest, making a few jokes here and there. He didn’t mention anything particularly moving or inspirational. There was no grand story with a strong moral neatly woven within it’s sentences. Instead, I was inspired by his overall plain kindness. He was so positive (and in a month of No Negativity, this was a good thing to see!) and seemed generally happy.

Conrad’s talk and the positivity I’ve experienced at tri races got me thinking how great it is to immerse yourself in something good and meaningful; something you care about and that makes you radiate happiness when you speak about it. For Mike, it’s triathlons; for Conrad, climbing; for me, writing and living a compassionate life. Whatever it is for you, be sure to dive in!

Stay tuned and eat your greens.

** Note this blog went through a rebrand and is now veg vibes; which aligns better with the direction I organically gravitated towards. It’s all about your vibe **

No Negativity June

A couple of weeks ago I started to notice how much of my daily conversation seemed to revolve around negativity. Some of it more serious than most (for example, talking badly about a friend vs. just general complaining; “it’s too hot in here,” “traffic is the worst in the Bay Area,” etc.) but, nonetheless, it all suddenly felt very draining.

The realization of how consuming the negative chatter was hit me hard. So, of course, I started talking about it with the people I am closest too. I mentioned the idea of a No Negative June to Mike and he thought it was an interesting idea, encouraging me to try it.

I opened up to my dad about it and, coincidentally, he’d been thinking along the same lines. Like me, he was growing tired of the happiness-suck that negativity often results in. I talked to my mom and the idea resonated with her as well. She was tired of the gossip and anxious side-effects that came with it. (I think we can all relate to getting caught up in a conversation and regretting some of the things said after the fact.)

I talked to my friend, Leslie, when she was in town; broaching the subject over poached eggs and lattes and learned that she, too, had been feeling the same way! I noticed there was a web forming around me. Delicate strings connecting some of the people I love most, urging us to be better. Be more conscious. Be less negative.

After these conversations, my plan for a No Negativity June was cemented. The collective sense of bettering ourselves by what we talk about, engage in, and subscribe to encouraged me to dive right in.

So, here I go. I will be spending the next 30 days trying to avoid negativity. I don’t want to engage in gossip. I want to limit my complaining. I want my conversations to be meaningful and my words to align with my morals. It’s time to cleanse my spirit, not my body.

Stay tuned and eat your greens.

** Note this blog went through a rebrand and is now veg vibes; which aligns better with the direction I organically gravitated towards. It’s all about your vibe **