Washington… you my jam (part 2)

I’m happy to report visiting our friends Morgan and Joe in the Fall seems to becoming an annual tradition.(You can read about our trip in 2015 here.) Earlier this month we took the short flight to Seattle and we will be back up there again next October for their wedding!

After Morgan picked us up from the airport, we went straight to their new house for a tour. It is still weird that my friends own homes. It feels like just yesterday we were all plotting where to party at whoever’s house was parent-free for the weekend…!

After the tour and dropping off our suitcases, we walked across the street to their neighbor’s house for a houuuseee party. When we got there everyone was in the middle of a game called Werewolf and I have to admit I was taken back to my college days… when you walk into a party and think to yourself, shit I only know like 2 people here… quick, gimme a drink.

Of course this party had better food and wine 😉 and I quickly got to know everyone there; the vodka shots Morgan and I took helping ease any social anxiety flashbacks.

Saturday morning was rough and I regretted said vodka shots. I downed a ton of water, a banana, and a coffee with hazelnut milk (yum!) after I finally made it out of bed around 11am (to be fair though, we stayed up until about 2am the night before). Morgan and I also did a detox yoga flow which helped.

Space Needle sighting

Then it was off to Paseoooooo, our most favorite place to eat in the PNW, for Cuban sammies. After we all inhaled our lunch, we stopped for (more) coffee and then drove about 45 minutes to a cool lookout with pretty waterfalls.

View from above
View from below

For dinner we went to this awesome place near Morgan and Joe’s house called Anderson School. It is an old school that has been converted into a hotel with a few restaurants and bars on the property as well. We ate at  the North Shore Lagoon which was the old gym. It sits above a salt water pool that I really wanted to go swimming in!

We started with a round of drinks and an order of the cajun tarter tots. Mike and I spilt a salad and coconut shrimp for dinner. The atmosphere here was so cool and I love the idea of converting old properties into something new, while keeping the original structures (i.e.: the classrooms where all converted into hotel rooms, the principal’s office is a bar, etc).

Principal’s Office turned bar

After dinner, Mike and Joe were just tipsy enough to endure watching Beyonce’s Lemonade when Morgan and I put it on back at their house. It was actually pretty funny hearing their commentary on the visual album. We stayed up late again, not getting to sleep until around 1AM. I swear, whenever I’m in Seattle, I’m somehow able to party like I’m still 21…

The next morning we went for brunch at Purple Cafe. I loved this place when we went last year and it didn’t disappoint again. Mike and I spilt avocado toast (all time favorite!) and the eggs Benedict. After brunch, we trekked through the rain for a last beer in Washington. You can’t get more Seattle than drinking craft brews on a rainy day, amirite?

The weekend was a lot of fun exploring the PNW with some of our closet friends and we can’t wait to be back next October for the wedding!

** Note this blog went through a rebrand and is now veg vibes; which aligns better with the direction I organically gravitated towards. It’s all about your vibe.**

I See You Morro Bay

Mike’s hobby is triathlons (cue the jokes about not running even if you were paid, let alone swimming and biking before…!) and through the sport he met Gary & April. After training together – the 3 of them scouting out different local trails and swimming pools – I finally got to meet them at a bar for drinks one night shortly after.

This was about four years ago. Since then, Gary and April have moved down to Southern California (waaaahhh!) but we still see each other as often as possible. We love to plan trips around triathlons (I spectate, they swim/bike/run) and either camp, share an airbnb, or – if we’re feeling really cheap – a hotel room with 2 beds and hopefully a hot tub. We’ve been all around California as a goofy foursome, hitting up different tris in Napa, SLO, and Tahoe.

This past weekend, along with Mike and Gary participating in a tri, we also celebrated my birthday in Morro Bay, exactly 3 hours in between us in the central coast. Morro Bay is your quintessential little beach town, with it’s salty air and ocean sound effects adding ambiance to the creaky, semi-worn down restaurants and shops lining the roads.

Upon arriving on Friday night, we went to the store to stock up on beer and breakfast noms for the next morning. I’m a big fan of IPAs and found a tangerine one that was nomnom. It was a perfect combination of citrus and hoppy; and a solid 6% – beer under 5% is a waste of time and calories! After a few beers and catching up a little bit, we all went to bed.

The next morning we drank coffee (tea for Mike!) and made a decadent breakfast. I’ve mentioned on the blog a few times that a splash of 1/2&1/2 in my morning coffee would be one of the hardest things to give up if I were ever to be a vegan. I’m surprised that this theory has been actually debunked… I now prefer almond milk in my coffee over cow’s milk. Now, if only cheese wasn’t part of the reason I live so delicious…

Morning view of the Morro Bay Rock from our airbnb
The digs

For breakfast we have waffles, eggs, bacon, and strawberries. Fuel for a fun day is downtown San Luis Obispo. There was a Dia De Los Muertos estival in that we explored before eating at Luna Red. A few years ago we went to the same place for breakfast after a camping trip nearby and all four of us still remembered how good it was. We had to go back! Like last time, it didn’t disappoint. We left filled up on cocktails and tacos.

I’ve got almond milk clouds in my coffee…
Me & April #a2

When we got back to our airbnb, Gary and April took a nap. Trying to resist napping myself, Mike and I started an episode of The West Wing but the allure of sleep beat out Aaron Sorkin’s witty banter and I quickly fell asleep.

For dinner we went Rose’s Bar and Grill and sat out by the water. Morro Bay is famous for this massive rock and we had a great view! April and I each ordered a glass of white wine, a house salad, and the lobster mac n’ cheese. Hooray for girlfriends to spilt dinners with! (Even though, to be fair, Mike does spilt things with me most of the time.)

As we were walking out, we spotted a small arcade room with air hockey. We stopped for a few rounds before heading back to the house where we finished the night off with a game of Love Letters, a house favorite.

Dinner and a view!
Mike holding my purse (thanks Life in Leggings for the recommendation!)  while I played air hockey
Games and vino

The next morning, Gary and Mike woke up early to set up for the triathlon they were participating in! April and I spelt in and took our time getting down to the start. Added bonus: it was daylight savings (daylight saving?) and no one was complaining about the extra hour off sleep.

After we watched both Mike and Gary make it back from the swim, April and I headed to The Coffee Pot for some much needed BLACK MAGIC and breakfast. Here we spilt (again, I know) a breakfast croissant and home fries. Then it was back to the finish line to see our men come in from the run.

Mike peeling off his wetsuit after the swim (the only picture I got, ek)
“Now a silly one….”

Sweaty and tired, we went back to the house for the guys to shower and then packed up the cars, cleaned up the house, and were right back downtown ready to eat again!

Then it was time to head home and say goodbye 😦 but not without seeing a little otter family in the bay first!


Until next time, Morro Bay!

** Note this blog went through a rebrand and is now veg vibes; which aligns better with the direction I organically gravitated towards. It’s all about your vibe.**

birthday feels

If my parents weren’t my parents, I would hope to be their friend. Though, I’m certain that they are inherently cooler than I am, so it probably would take some coaxing on my end. 😉

It’s funny getting older and seeing your parents as both your parents and as people.

I have a different and distinct relationship with my mom and my dad but the foundation of both is their fierce love for me (and, of course, my love right back).

While neither of them necessarily wear their hearts of their sleeves, they were paired with a baby who is super sensitive, cries at the drop of a dime, and feels deep.

I’m not huge into celebrating my birthday, mostly because the pressure of the day being *perfect* just stresses me out. However, I do honor birthdays; I honor my day and everyone else’s as a day to be filled with a lot of love and (at least in my case) reflection. Like the fact that I am literally a creation – a combination – of both of my parents. And I couldn’t be prouder of it.

I hope I’m as funny as my dad and that I’ve inherited his non judgemental ways. He knows how to light up a room, tell the best stories, and connects with all walks of life. Through the years, he’s been my rock. He’s trustworthy and solid. More often than not, it’s him that I call when I need life advice or a good laugh.

I hope to be as generous as my mom. Her laugh is infectious and she too, can play life of the party with ease. I talk to her everyday. I admire her love and perseverance. She’s kind and she shows up. There are times when literally only she can make it better and she does, every single time.

I am happy they are both my parents and my friends. I’m proud to be theirs’ and grateful to call them mine. They aren’t together anymore but they’ve raised be beautifully without a relationship of their own.