Google highlights

On cloud 9 at Google HQ

I started working at Google in April 2016 and – almost to the date – a year and a half later, moved to the next opportunity. My short time spent at the Googs was a fun journey and I wanted to document some highlights to look back on one day. Let’s begin!

1. The Nomz

As you might imagine, the free food at Google is a pretty sweet deal. Not only are there  fully stocked MKs (Micro Kitchens) with things carrots and hummus, hard boiled eggs, cheese, yogurts, popcorn, fruit, and nuts accessible all day; there are breakfast, lunch, and dinner options at multiple cafes around campus.


I almost never had dinner there but was a regular for the breakfast and lunch scene. My all time favorite Google cafe was the vegan one called Slice.  The roasted kale and mac n’ “cheese” was so delicious, you didn’t feel like you were missing out on anything. Plus, a decadent array of dairy-free ice creams and popsicles for dessert. Omg.

Everyday had the potential to be a culinary adventure! (Except most days I ate at the same cafe that was near my building…)

Breakfast outside at the Google SF office #avo
A happy (vegetrainian) BBQ plate 🙂
Taco Tuesday
Cookies and rock n’ roll
A mini pumpkin pie last November

2. The Coffee

Google’s coffee game is strong. My favorite coffee there came from a food truck that set up shop at various locations every morning; filling the air with sweet java scents. I loved starting my day with the site of that teal beast, waiting for me to line up and order some black magic (and, of course, avo toast).



I was also lucky enough to work in the same building as The Coffee Lab, an entire cafe dedicated to – you guessed it – coffee. Most days I would start my morning here with a cold brew and a splash of Califia almond milk (the best!).

There were also the notably great summer months when Coffee Lab had nitro brew on tap. All about it. Every single afternoon. Sometimes twice.

Velvety nitro brew


3. The Talks

Talks at Google was one of my favorite things about working at Google. The first talk I went to was to listen to Conrad Anker last June. Since then, I’ve been lucky enough to meet some other pretty cool people on my lunch breaks.


Kathy Griffin!


Jillian Michaels
Roxane Gay (not looking particularly thrilled to take a picture with me… ek)
Some of the cast from Luzia
The cast of Hamilton

You can enjoy most Google Talks to by checking out their YouTube channel. Which I will be subscribing to so I can keep watching from afar.

4. The Sights (and things to do!)

I didn’t have a typical college experience where I moved away and lived on campus in dorms. I stayed at home to save money. In some ways, working at Google for a year and a half felt a little bit like living on campus. Or, at least being on one every day.

There are always events happening at Google HQ. Aside from the Talks, there were Fall festivals, Google’s 18th birthday celebration, happy hours, Pride festivities and more.


Biking around campus
Lunch break yoga
Rock climbing
Or, if you’re tired.. nap time, anyone?
Legitimately was almost late to a meeting because of this ball pit


Giant chairs everywhere!



Android Love.




5. The Views

Google’s main campus (where I spent most of my time) is gorgeous. It’s all tree-lined and flowers-in-bloom. There seems to be a surplus of butterflies in the area flying around. There are perfectly paved and painted walking and bike paths connecting the seemingly never ending rows of Google buildings. I would often just walk around in awe.

A trail I used to walk before early morning meetings
Views from a Google cafe at HQ

Although I spent most of my time in Mountain View, I made it to the SF office a few times and the views don’t disappoint there either!


Nothing beats a good view, especially when you’re getting paid to see it!

6. The People

I think the hardest thing about leaving a job for another is leaving your friends. I was lucky to work with some really great people who I enjoyed spending time with and seeing on a daily basis. A month into my new job and I think I’m still suffering from a bit of separation anxiety…

At least we all have Facebook to stay in touch!

#jk love ya Google ❤


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