Hiya, I’m Ashley! Welcome to VegVibes.


I vibe best when I’m eating a mostly organic, minimal animal-protein diet, that is filled with vibrant colors and real, whole foods. I truly believe that investing in your diet is the single best thing you can do for yourself and your health. This blog chronicles eating mindfully and living a compassionate, conscious life.

At VegVibes, you’ll find quick, easy, and veg-packed recipes with a side of travel recaps and a splash of random musings.

VegVibes is about living with authenticity and balance. It’s investing in yourself and the food you eat, the company you keep, and the vibe you transmit into the world.

I hope you join me on the journey of healthy eating and well being!

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  1. To Quiet Inflammation by Kathy Abscal is an interesting and well researched book. She lives on Vashon Island and offers online 6 week course. I’ve taken the online course twice. It’s hard to do her elimination diet but a worthy 6 week exercise . Primarily eliminate all chemicals, all processed foods, all dairy, all sugar, all grain except brown rice & Quinoa. Most importantly plate your food with 2/3rds vegetables & fruit and the other 1/3 divided btw acceptable grain and protein.
    Also known as The Abscal Way.

    Xo, psf

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  2. How to encourage 14-year old Christopher to eat vegetables. All throughout his life, he doesn’t each much vegetables except carrots, onion and spinach. Thanks Ashley


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