Welcome to veg vibes — I’m Ashley


Bay Area born + based. Wife to the best guy. Mama to the most beautiful boy.

I vibe best when I’m eating less animals and more whole, mostly organic foods that are vibrant in color and flavor. I believe that what we eat fuels us through all of life’s other magic. ✨

Click around to find a new recipe, read about recent travels or an update on big life things like motherhood and homeownership!

4 thoughts on “About

  1. To Quiet Inflammation by Kathy Abscal is an interesting and well researched book. She lives on Vashon Island and offers online 6 week course. I’ve taken the online course twice. It’s hard to do her elimination diet but a worthy 6 week exercise . Primarily eliminate all chemicals, all processed foods, all dairy, all sugar, all grain except brown rice & Quinoa. Most importantly plate your food with 2/3rds vegetables & fruit and the other 1/3 divided btw acceptable grain and protein.
    Also known as The Abscal Way.

    Xo, psf

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  2. How to encourage 14-year old Christopher to eat vegetables. All throughout his life, he doesn’t each much vegetables except carrots, onion and spinach. Thanks Ashley


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