Second Trimester Highlights!

Telling Everyone

I think one of the most fun parts about being pregnant is telling everyone! I mentioned in my first trimester post that we told our immediate family early on (basically only our parents). Once I hit the 2nd trimester we slowly started telling other family and friends in creative ways.

We told part of my extended family by hosting a brunch at our house. With the craziness of the year, they actually hadn’t been to our new house yet so it was the perfect opportunity to do a reveal by saying our second bedroom was THE NURSERY! I scanned/printed a picture of our ultrasound and stuck it to the room. All in all, I don’t think anyone was actually that surprised as I passed on a glass of wine a few weeks before at a another family function haha but it was still fun to tell our news!

We told my grandparents by brining our wedding book over to their house and taped that same ultrasound picture in the back saying “Chapter Two: coming in March” – it took my grandma a second to put it together but once she did, she exclaimed “oooh, so soon!” and my grandpa “oh my!” which was pretty cute.

The big reveal for most of our friends came at Canadian Thanksgiving where I wore this custom shirt Mike made me. It was fun to see everyone’s reactions after they read the shirt, especially people who were generally surprised.

We had Mike’s parents tell a lot of the Canadian family by showing them the same picture on Thanksgiving. I wish I got to see the reactions there!

For friends and family that weren’t at Canadian Thanksgiving, I either sent them that picture too or another ultrasound one when we found out what we were having!

It’s a…

Which, speaking of, we found out we are having a boy! Personally I can’t imagine not finding out what we are having for planning, naming, and just general day dreaming purposes. πŸ™‚

I always thought we would have a girl first so it was crazy to find out he’s actually a boy in there. Obviously I can’t wait to meet him. I love the idea of a little mini-Mike!

Travels + date nights

We spent a weekend in Monterey with friends, flew to Toronto for a wedding, and then to Vancouver to celebrate my birthday in October/November.

We’ve also been enjoying date nights with just the two of us. I imagine I’ll really want to ramp these up in the next few months since it will be our last chance for time alone without the baby or finding a sitter.

We’re spending a lot of time with friends too. The day after Thanksgiving we had brunch an old friend’s house, where my friend had the best idea to putting out different breads, nuts, seeds, berries, and dried fruit instead of a traditional bacon and eggs type thing. It looked so nice (I forgot to snap a pic), was nom, and a lot less prep/clean up. An all around win!

We went to a Marvelous Ms. Masiel dinner and premiere, where a group of us got together for a traditional Jewish dinner and the first episode of the new season.

We’ve also seen a few movies and I’ve been trying to take long walks with friends when able.

The growing bump

Every morning I wake up and my first thought is about this baby bump. Sometimes I can feel him kick before I even get out of bed and it’s such a sweet moment to steal while tucked away in the sheets still.

I love getting ready and scoping out my profile to see how much he’s grown.

The 2 pictures below that were taken ~6 weeks apart; one at the wedding we went to in and early November the other the night before Mike’s holiday party mid December. Talk about a risky last minute move… waiting until the day before to confirm a dress still fit.

The Holidays

Per usual, the holidays were busy. We celebrated Thanksgiving with my family (baby name debates included, of course), attended both of our company’s holiday parties, and flew back to Toronto for Christmas.

It’s always nice to see family and make memories!

Falling in love with our little one

I mean, do I even need to explain this one? ☺️ I can’t wait until March to meet him!


Another New Year! I know it is hardly unique for this time to be one of reflection and forward looking. Although there may be some who fall into the camp of not setting resolutions or intentions for the next 365(6) days, I side with likely the majority of people who look at January first as an opportunity for a fresh start.

Over the years, I would say, my expectations have become less invasive and more realistic. (For a wayback playback, here are my past New Year posts; 2016, 2017, 2018 …kind of a copout post but including it anyway, and 2019.) I used to aim for perfection – starting on the first it used to be all: No alcohol during the week! Yoga every day! – I inevitably veered of course and poured that glass of wine on a Wednesday instead of rolling out my mat.

Note this year is different given that I am pregnant and can’t have alcohol, which has actually been a pleasant way to spend the holidays; absolutely no grogginess or guilt in the mornings!

Speaking of being pregnant… 2020 will obviously be one of the biggest years of my life, having my first baby! Naturally this must change how I see and feel about some things. Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about the home I want to raise our little one in. I’m finishing up the book Unfinished Business by Anne-Marie Slaughter and questioning the things I want to adjust or reset in our house. Specifically letting go of the idea that my way to tidy, keep, and maintain our house is the right way. Mike does a decent amount of housework but I am definitely the main home “do-er” in our relationship, and this isn’t because he’s not willing or able to help. To be frank, it is because I like things done my way.

For example, Mike can make the bed, but when I do it, the sheets are tucked and the “right” pillows are fluffed and placed in front. For this reason I take on the responsibility of making the bed most days. I’m beginning to realize… a bed made is a bed made in the grand scheme of things though.

I want to reframe my perspective on many things similar to this so Mike has an equal chance of doing house work his way (even if it is less polished than my approach). Our son is my motivation for this change of mind, and the critical fact that I want him to grow up in a house with his mom and dad doing equal work in the house (and, of course, in their careers but that is a longer post).

Ah, how children change you …before they even arrive!

In terms of other New Year resolutions, the same applies from year’s past: continuing to move every day; eating well; reading lots; being kind, compassionate, and authentic; choosing joy whenever possible; and any other feel-good, be-better buzz words you can think of. πŸ˜‰

Cheers to 2020!