Falling in love in Coronado

Continued from Falling in love with Coronado 🙂

Before thoughts: I have this desire for symbolism in my life. I like it when things are done out of importance and for there to be a reason for doing them. Mike and I went to Coronado to celebrate our six year anniversary recently. However, before our trip, six years didn’t seem like a particularly important milestone to celebrate with such a extravagant trip and stay at Hotel del Coronado.

Normally a dinner and a bottle of champagne would have been all I requested on an “in between” year anniversary (I don’t know why 5 years, 10 years, etc. hold more weight). But, as it turns out, it was actually a perfect time to go away together and connect again as a couple. I’m learning that, perhaps, I shouldn’t put as much emphasis on things meaning something because I think they should or shouldn’t. More go with the flow; less analyzing! 

If the timing works out and you can afford it, every anniversary is worth a celebration, is it not?

I didn’t realize how restorative it is to be able to spend a nice weekend away with your partner – far from everyone else and splurging on things you wouldn’t normally do – until Coronado. It was completely unexpected but I fell deeper in love with Mike on this vacation.

After our night of drinking and music, we slept in on Sunday, which feels indulgent even in everyday life! We ventured out to the hotel cafe for coffee, tea, and breakfast. It was already gorgeous out so we sat in the sun, fully enjoying the start of our day.

Breakfast with a view
Pretty snazzy “milk station” by the coffee bar

While noshing on pastries and sipping caffeine, we decided to stay poolside for the majority of the day. In reality we only spent a few hours at the pool but it was nice to be out soaking in some vitamin D; which I’ve been feeling extra deprived of this winter. We ordered chips and guac, chatted in-between reading (I had the luxury of diving deep into the pages of Yoga Girl), dipped ourselves in the pool and lounged in the hot tub.


Midway through the day we decided to skip the overpriced hotel food and walk into downtown. We found Miguel’s Cocina and were transported back to Mexico. We sat on the cute patio, drank sangria, and split steak fajitas. The life!

Miguel at Miguel’s


After our late lunch we browsed a few shops and walked round the hotel property again. That evening we had a private bon fire on the beach with s’mores and wine. The guy who helped us “tend the fire” and refill our s’mores stash was such a sweetheart. I remember thinking, if I have a son, I hope he is as respectful as this kid and immediately after felt so old! ~7 years ago, I probably would’ve been thinking what a cute California suffer boy he was and here I was wanting to compliment his mom on a job well done. Good Lord.

Nonetheless, the bon fire was a fun time to just be silly with Mike. Earlier in the day we saw the famous Sandcastle Man; who builds these elaborate sandcastle on the beach outside of the hotel. We were surprised that he was still there, hours later, while we were having our bonfire. We learned that he’s actually out there for about 14 hours a day protecting his work. Mike and I kept joking that we were just going to go run over and plow through it. Like, how mad would he be? (Obviously we never would but it was entertaining talking about it.)

Toes in the sand, s’mores in our hands
The sandcastle by The Sandcastle Man (let’s just pretend the date is actually the 30th, our anniversary…)

After our bonfire we walked to a nearby pizzeria and got huge slices to-go. We went back down to the beach and ate them by the waves. (Funny side note: we found a sand dune on the beach that we walked out on to the end of, commenting multiple times about how random it was. The next day we found out that we were on the “C” of Coronado spelt in the sand.)

Monday was our actual anniversary and our last day there. We woke up and did yoga on the beach (full disclosure, Mike got up for spin on the beach before but I didn’t want to wake up that early). It was such a great and rejuvenating way to start the day! Connecting your body to your breathe while hearing and seeing the ocean is one of the best experiences I’ve had to date. I was really happy Mike was there participating with me too.

On our way to yoga!

The same morning we saw the Navy Seals practicing drills in the ocean and I actually got really patriotic watching them. I was overcome with gratefulness for these men and women that dedicate their lives to the call of duty and keeping us safe. No matter what your political affiliation (and, if you’re like me, how angry you are at the current situation our country is in) there is no denying gratitude for our military.

We grabbed a quick breakfast after yoga, before our massages. Happy anniversary to us!

I basically finished Yoga Girl in the pool at the lounge after. I mentioned that I did a 21 day yoga challenge to start off 2017 (well, in reality a 18 day yoga challenge since I didn’t finish the last few days while we were on vacation….) and it opened my eyes to how much more yoga I should be doing. That, combined with this book, and I think 2017 will be my year of yoga! More on that later though…

Sadly, the pool at the lounge wasn’t heated so we didn’t stay much longer after I finished my book. Instead it was time to hit the town again and go out for lunch! We strolled down Orange Ave, the island’s main street, and found Burger Lounge.

We spilt a burger and fries because our dinner reservations weren’t too long after. And then it was time for happy hour! I ordered the white wine sangria and Mike got a cocktail. It was warm and nice to sit on the patio. Uggggh, what I would give for warmer weather right now!

After our drinks we walked on the beach and played in the waves. Nothing like a cliche romantic walk on the beach on your anniversary, right!?





When we got back to our room, we exchanged gifts and opened a bottle of champs in celebration! I got ready while we blasted Lil Dicky (our favorite hah) and then it was time for dinner!


We walked across the street to Brigantine for dinner. The costumer service here was so good! They knew it was our anniversary and there was a card waiting on our table for us signed by some of the employees. The manager also came over to wish us a happy anniversary with complimentary glasses of champs.

We ordered the crab and shrimp fondue to start and … I honestly don’t remember what else! The appetizer was so good we should have just ordered two and called it a day. 😉

The next morning (our last day:/) we woke up early to grab breakfast at Cafe 1134 on Orange. I ordered an iced latte and sadly regretted it because of all the (cow) milk. I’m used to drinking my coffee with almond milk now and couldn’t finish my latte. We also spilt a bagel and cream cheese and an acai bowl.


Then we went back to pack up and head to the airport. Security was luckily a breeze. A few short hours later we were back home, unpacking, starting laundry, and preparing for everyday life again.

Our weekend in Coronado was exactly what we needed though! It was so much fun to hang out with Mike and enjoy each other’s company. Next we’re looking forward to Bali in April with Mike’s family!

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