Coronado (part 1)

When Mike and I were looking for a place to celebrate our 6 year anniversary we wanted it to be meaningful and were okay splurging a bit.

To check the meaningful box, we decided to head back down to San Diego, where we ventured 5 years ago to toast one whole year together. But this time we wanted a bit of an upgrade from the DoubleTree in Little Italy. Cue Hotel Del Coronado.


Coronado is on a Peninsula in San Diego. It somehow has both small-town vibes, while still feeling luxurious.

We arrived on Saturday and stayed at the historical Hotel Del Coronado. I was so excited to set foot at this historic landmark and the 70+ weather was a welcome change to the cold Bay Area chill we’ve been experiencing.

Let me tell you right now. The Del does not disappoint. It is absolutely stunning. I think I mentioned how pretty it was there at least 5x a day.

View of The Del from la playa

Hotel del Corando is over 125 years old with a history as glamorous as its architecture. Maybe most famously, it was the location of Some Like it Hot with Marilyn Monroe. It is also claimed to be haunted by the ghost of Kate Morgan, a young woman who checked into the hotel and committed suicide. Her room, now 3327, is the most requested room at the hotel.


At check-in, we were asked if we wanted to upgrade to an ocean view room for $56 more a night but, having been burned before on paying for rooms with a view (word to the wise: not worth it at the Hyatt is San Francisco or for the falls view in Niagara), we declined.

What a mistake! Our room’s view was of the parking lot. Every time we walked on the ocean side of the hotel, we regretted not paying extra for the view. How nice would it have been to drinks champs out on the patio while watching the waves crash in the distance!?

PSA: parking is insanely expensive!

Our missed view opportunity was really the only regret of our stay though so, I’m not complaining. Right after we put our bags in our room, we rented bikes to cruise around the island; shedding our coats for that warm Southern California sunshine.

Our first stop was lunch at Lobster West. I was excited about this place – lobster rolls! – but kind of disappointed. The food was good and tasted fresh but I expected a very different ambiance. I imagined a more authentic beach shake vibe but it felt very corporate. It was also pricey for the portions. No matter though. We were still enjoying lobster rolls on vacation!

Matching glasses and brews at lunch 😉

After lunch we biked to the other side of the island on a path that took us through a golf course and then near the water. It was such a pretty and fun ride! And it was early enough that the sun was still shining bright, keeping us warm. We stopped at Coronado Brewery and spilt a flight before biking back to our hotel.


We stayed on the hotel grounds during our first night. After a hot tub sesh, we went to Babcock & Story for dinner, drinks, and live music. We ordered the calamari and California quesadillas for dinner.

While we were eating, Gonzo Gonzalez started playing and we were glued to our seats for the rest of the night. Mike arguably scored us the best table in the place so it was hard to leave. We each had 2 cocktails and then spilt 2 beers (each time saying, “let’s just spilt one more beer and then go…”).

We literally stayed at this bar all night because of the music! Gonzo was SO good. The whole restaurant was mesmerized. It’s cliche but the music literally brought us all together for the night. Barely anyone was talking but we were there jamming together.

The view from the hot tub before dinner

At the end of the night I ran into Gonzo on the way to the bathroom. I couldn’t help but stop him and tell him how great he was! I yelled at him, “you’re feeding my soul!!” He thanked me and gave me a hug, all the while probably thinking man, I’m just trying to pee! Hah. We went to bed with a buzz and good music in our heads. What’s a better way to start a vacation??

To be continued… 🙂

** Note this blog went through a rebrand and is now veg vibes; which aligns better with the direction I organically gravitated towards. It’s all about your vibe.**

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