Christmas in Canada

I didn’t post about last night’s dinner because Leslie (who I went to visit in Nashville) came over but the wait is OVER, people! Last night I made a red lentil and chickpea stew (?) that was inspired by the dinner my boyfriend’s sister, Wendy, made on our last night in Canada.

Mike is from Toronto and we usually spend time there with his family over the holidays. I love going to Canada around Christmas because, even though it’s freezing, it is usually snowing and, having grown up in California,  a white Christmas was something I only got to experience through holiday movies. This year it didn’t snow as much as it has in the past but we still got to experience some snow before we left. We also tried our hand at an Escape Room which was a ton of fun and highly recommended (even for people like me who aren’t the most strategic, game-minded individuals!).

Of course it’s always nice to see all of Mike’s friends and family. We make it a point to see one of his best friend’s (and my soulmate, essentially) Melissa. It is also a tradition to eat at The Keg (best steaks everrrr) with family friends Nikki and Carole. This year was extra special because we got to meet Mike’s niece, Ella, for the first time. Our holiday in Toronto was filled with games, celebratory drinks, good food, and better company.

Dinner and drinks with good friends Melissa and Davin!
After we successfully escaped our Escape Room
Drinks and some Catan action

Our last day there was lazy and perfect. In the morning we took a nice walk in the snow and then went to go see the new Star Wars movie (which I, surprisingly, actually liked!). After the movie we went to get a few beers and appetizers and then went home to pack. As we packed (and, full disclosure, drank scotch) Wendy made the most delicious soup/stew (not really sure what it qualifies as…) that had red lentils, onions, and chickpeas. She garnished the meal with cilantro and, in much need of something healthy and nourishing, I devoured it!

Last night I re-created this meal for me and Leslie but based only on the knowledge that the ingredients included red lentils, chickpeas, onions, and cilantro. I had a general gist of the recipe but didn’t have anything written down so it wasn’t exact – for instance, I added a carrot and a tomato because I had them on hand – but I am happy to report it turned out well and tasted similar to what Wendy made. I decided not to share the recipe until I get the real one from her (plus, it’s Friday and I’m lazy), so stay tuned!

Also, this dinner incorporated cilantro (Herb of the Week!) and didn’t include cheese. Win-win.

Is it a stew or a soup…?


♡ Ashley

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