Canada, eh?

Cam’s third international trip is in the books! We’re back from 2 weeks of visiting Nana and Papa in Mississauga, a neighboring city to Toronto. Coincidentally while we were there, we missed a heat wave here in California so it turned out to be a great time to be away. The weather was nice almost our entire trip, with just a few hits of rain (which Cam actually loved) and a touch of humidity in the afternoons.

Anyways! Moving on to more than the weather.

First thing was first. After arriving and settling in, it was time to check out the new splash pad across the street from Mike’s parents house. Splash pads are seemingly everywhere there and I am envious. They are so fun for kids and adults alike. Sadly there is no way California could pull off such constant water usage, being as drought prone as we are.

As to be expected, Cam loved running around in all the different water features. By the end of our stay he was a regular pro, even using a little bucket to carry water from the splash pad over to the park to build sand castles.

We worked the first 3 days we were there and were pretty slammed with meetings and a ton of to dos. Despite a jam packed start, Mike and I were able to go on a date! Sometimes it’s weird to think how easily we used to be able to go to dinner just the 2 of us… Now all the is required is a 5 hour flight to grandparents (or having my mom come to our house). 🙂

When we finally able to close our laptops and kick into vacay mode, it was time for Canada’s Wonderland. This was Cam’s first trip to an assessment park so it was extra exciting! It was also the last weekend of summer and heading into a holiday weekend – which meant it was very busy and the lines were long. In the end, Cam only rode 3 rides but it was still fun hanging out at a theme park all day. The waterpark was particularly at hit for Cam (and the craft beers and burgers a hit for us adults).

On Friday we traveled south to our friend’s family cottage on the Great Lake Erie to celebrate Mike’s birthday! The last time we were altogether was at our wedding in 2019, so it was extra special to be there with them. Piling on the special was the fact that we all have kids now!! Ah, there’s nothing like being on vacation with a group of parents and young kids… you just fully get each other, ya know? No one’s meals are eaten hot anymore, conversations are clipped, late nights and endless drinks are replaced with decent bedtimes and lots of water. How times have changed. 🙂

Joking aside, of course it was great to see Cam and the other little ones play together and get to know each other! We packed a lot of things into a few days; including an afternoon at the beach, visiting a small zoo, taking wagon walks for ice cream, and a classic Canadian birthday dinner of poutine and butter tart desserts to celebrate Mike!


We extended our holiday weekend and took an extra day off to visit Mike’s great aunt. On our way we stopped at my favorite spot, Oakville. Nestled on another Great Lake, there are boats for Cam to look at and obviously water to throw rocks into. Plus, there is TriBeCa coffee that has the yummiest medium roast and chocolate croissants. Big wins all around.

After snacking and soaking in the lake breeze, we drove to see Aunt Barb. It is so heartwarming to see your baby with family!


We worked the rest of the week but were treated to lovely dinners by my mother in law on the deck, walks around the marsh when we could, and – Cam’s favorite – duck feeding!

Mike & I were also able to steal away for one more trip to Oakville and have a date night. Per a locals recommendation, we ended up at Verace. Manhattans with a melon, arugula, and prosciutto appetizer to start and house made rigatoni and wood fire pizzas to indulge in after? Yes, please. More, please.

To close, I have to mention my personal highlight of the trip: Cam starting to say “I love you” unprompted to us. HEART MELTED.

One morning he snuggled into bed with us, greeted me with a raspy “hi, mama.”

“Hi, baby.” I replied.

“I love you, mama.”

Waaah. The best thing I’ve ever heard. ❤

I love this behind the scenes shot of us all trying to get a pic of the kids

Want more? Read about our other trips to Canada here and here.

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