Friday Favorites – SUMMER Edition

Woah, I used to post a “Friday Favorites” basically every month. It’s been reduced to a seasonal post but here are a few things I’ve been loving this summer.

Does anything say summer perfection like a good patio happy hour? One of mine and Mike’s favorite spot is a ~20 minute bike ride away, with $1.50 oysters and $5 cocktails. Yum!

When we were in St. Barts for our honeymoon I went on a shopping spree …in a pharmacy. This might sound weird but with all the French influence on the island, I had a feeling there would be a good collection of products from France. I’m happy to report I was right. I actually bought so much stuff, the lady working there gave me a free makeup bag as a gift. We had a language barrier but it seemed like “I’m here to spend money” (me) and “you are buying a lot of stuff, here’s a gift” (her) didn’t need any translation at all.

We did, however, need some help communicating when I was looking at their selection of bar, vegan shampoos (pictured above). Mike and I had just spent the entire day in the sea and my hair wasn’t looking particularly …managed. I had tangles. There was probably sand in there. Not cute. As I was flipping through the different shampoos, I decided on the one for “normal” hair. The beautiful French pharmacist came over, pointed to my shampoo selection in my hand while shaking her head. Is she trying to tell me this is a bad purchase? I wondered.

“You,” she pointed to me and then to the shampoo for dry hair. “This one.”

Ooooh, no, she just assumes my hair always looks this thirsty and I need to step up my shampoo game to the dry hair variety.

I tried to explain that I had just been swimming all day – yes, with many hand gestures to obviously help us understand each other despite speaking different languages – and my hair isn’t normally like this. Eventually she dropped it and walked away, while I was left thinking… leave it to the French.

Despite being called out for my presumably bad shampoo choice (and hair?), I’ve been enjoying using this product, as well my clay mask (also pictured above).

šŸŽ¶I don’t practice Santeria…. I ain’t got no crystal ball….
Well, if had a million dollars but I’d, I’d spent it all…

Who else loves Sublime?! I’ve been a fan since I was little (singing along to songs I had no idea the meaning of half the time). My favorite song of all time is Bad Fish and I got to see it performed LIVE this summer by Sublime with Rome at the Mountain Winery.

The Mountain Winery is the prettiest venue. Mike and I went for the first time last year and we plan to splurge once a year to go back for a show every summer.

In July I went out to Chicago for a quick work trip. It was perfect weather, having just avoided a heatwave the week before. I was there for a conference (where we had a nice view of the Chicago river all day). The days were busy but we got out for a few fun dinners in the evening, plus a bean viewing one night!

Would this be a true veg vibes post without mention of some nom fruit or veg?! (The answer here is: no.)

HOW GOOD IS STONE FRUIT?! I love all of them; nectarines, plums, peaches, EVERYTHING. We found ourselves with a lot of peaches this summer and I made a sort of agua fresca with them; mixing peaches (skin and all) with ice, a bit of lemonade, and water. So good & refreshing during the really hot days we had in August.

Another fun thing we did this summer was MONDAY NIGHT BOWLING. Mike has been in a league for a few years now, but I joined him for the summer. 12 weeks of bowling (my best game was a 188, which was my one-hit-wonder of the season), ending with a group potluck (the real highlight, if we’re being honest).

Team pic!

On the first Friday in September we decided to start a monthly movie night with our close friends Lauren & Ian. We’re dubbing it “First Friday” (original, I know) and will continue to get together for dinner and a movie into Fall.

…Whiiiich, who else is looking forward to sweater weather, boots, and all.things.pumpkin?!

Obviously we’re really comfortable there, making ourselves right at home!

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