Washington… you my jam (part 2)

I’m happy to report visiting our friends Morgan and Joe in the Fall seems to becoming an annual tradition.(You can read about our trip in 2015 here.) Earlier this month we took the short flight to Seattle and we will be back up there again next October for their wedding!

After Morgan picked us up from the airport, we went straight to their new house for a tour. It is still weird that my friends own homes. It feels like just yesterday we were all plotting where to party at whoever’s house was parent-free for the weekend…!

After the tour and dropping off our suitcases, we walked across the street to their neighbor’s house for a houuuseee party. When we got there everyone was in the middle of a game called Werewolf and I have to admit I was taken back to my college days… when you walk into a party and think to yourself, shit I only know like 2 people here… quick, gimme a drink.

Of course this party had better food and wine 😉 and I quickly got to know everyone there; the vodka shots Morgan and I took helping ease any social anxiety flashbacks.

Saturday morning was rough and I regretted said vodka shots. I downed a ton of water, a banana, and a coffee with hazelnut milk (yum!) after I finally made it out of bed around 11am (to be fair though, we stayed up until about 2am the night before). Morgan and I also did a detox yoga flow which helped.

Space Needle sighting

Then it was off to Paseoooooo, our most favorite place to eat in the PNW, for Cuban sammies. After we all inhaled our lunch, we stopped for (more) coffee and then drove about 45 minutes to a cool lookout with pretty waterfalls.

View from above
View from below

For dinner we went to this awesome place near Morgan and Joe’s house called Anderson School. It is an old school that has been converted into a hotel with a few restaurants and bars on the property as well. We ate at  the North Shore Lagoon which was the old gym. It sits above a salt water pool that I really wanted to go swimming in!

We started with a round of drinks and an order of the cajun tarter tots. Mike and I spilt a salad and coconut shrimp for dinner. The atmosphere here was so cool and I love the idea of converting old properties into something new, while keeping the original structures (i.e.: the classrooms where all converted into hotel rooms, the principal’s office is a bar, etc).

Principal’s Office turned bar

After dinner, Mike and Joe were just tipsy enough to endure watching Beyonce’s Lemonade when Morgan and I put it on back at their house. It was actually pretty funny hearing their commentary on the visual album. We stayed up late again, not getting to sleep until around 1AM. I swear, whenever I’m in Seattle, I’m somehow able to party like I’m still 21…

The next morning we went for brunch at Purple Cafe. I loved this place when we went last year and it didn’t disappoint again. Mike and I spilt avocado toast (all time favorite!) and the eggs Benedict. After brunch, we trekked through the rain for a last beer in Washington. You can’t get more Seattle than drinking craft brews on a rainy day, amirite?

The weekend was a lot of fun exploring the PNW with some of our closet friends and we can’t wait to be back next October for the wedding!

** Note this blog went through a rebrand and is now veg vibes; which aligns better with the direction I organically gravitated towards. It’s all about your vibe.**

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