A day in the life (Tuesday)

I don’t know why but I love reading Day in the Life posts. Something about seeing what my favorite bloggers do in a normal, unscripted day makes me feel like I am getting a behind the scenes glance into their lives. Not that I expect anyone to love reading about my random Tuesday (except maybe my parents; hi mom!) but I still thought it would be fun to partake in this internet trend.

7am: Alarm goes off, hit snooze

7:10am: Alarm goes off again, hit snooze

7:25am: Finally get out of bed/get ready

7:45am: Make breakfast (I usually breakfast when I get to work but I had some cashew milk to use today)


8:00am: Leave the house with all of my bags for the day; purse, laptop backpack and gym stuff


8:15am: Hop on the shuttle to work

9:30am: Grab a latte and work for a while in a cafe on campus


11:30am: Snack attack! Time for veggies, hummus, and grapes

Yes, I have a mouse pad of my own blog…. 😉

1:00pm: Ride to Taco Tuesday!


3:00pm: Meet with a colleague to work together


5:00pm: Cardio sculpt!


6:00pm: Snack attack round II


7:00pm: Home/champagne + FaceTime with my good friend Nicole while dinner is in the oven

Nicole and I have been friends forever and her carefree, positive spirit is contagious. A definite gem to hang around during a month of No Negativity! Especially with life advice nuggets like, “just eat well, smile, and have a drink.”

Cheers to that, sister.


7:30pm: Dinner

Mike wasn’t home so a simple dinner of fishstix and garlic green beans it was!

3FC50593-16C8-4359-8A31-983D3E31FBE4 (1)

8pm: Start this blog post

10pm: Get in bed and write in my 642 Things To Write About book


10:15pm: Read for a bit before turning off the lights and going to sleep

That’s a wrap!

Stay tuned and eat your greens.

** Note this blog went through a rebrand and is now veg vibes; which aligns better with the direction I organically gravitated towards. It’s all about your vibe **

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