No Negativity June

It is June 1st and I’m going to try something completely new this month. In the past I’ve done No Sugar cleanses, tea detoxes, etc. but this month, instead of focusing on my body, I’m shifting my effort and energy to my mind and spirit.

A couple of weeks ago I started to notice how much of my daily conversation seemed to revolve around negativity. Some of it more serious than most (for example, talking badly about a friend vs. just general complaining; “it’s too hot in here,” “traffic is the worst in the Bay Area,” etc.) but, nonetheless, it all suddenly felt very draining.

The realization of how consuming the negative chatter was hit me hard. So, of course, I started talking about it with the people I am closest too. I mentioned the idea of a No Negative June (instead of a Dry June or No Processed Food June) to my S.O.. He thought it was an interesting idea and encouraged me to try it.

I opened up to my dad about it and, coincidentally, he’d been thinking along the same lines. Like me, he was growing tired of the happiness-suck that negativity often results in. I talked to my mom and the idea resonated with her as well. She was tired of the gossip and anxious side-effects that came with it. (I think we can all relate to getting caught up in a conversation and regretting some of the things said after the fact.)

I also talked to one of my best friends, Leslie, when she was in town. I broached the subject over poached eggs and lattes and learned that she too had been feeling the same way! I noticed there was a web forming around me; delicate strings connecting some of the people I love most, urging us to be better. Be more conscious. Be less negative. More happy. Gracious.

After these conversations, my plan for a No Negativity June was cemented. The collective sense of bettering ourselves and what we talk about, engage in, and subscribe to encouraged me to dive right in.

So, here I go. I will be spending the next 30 days trying to avoid negativity. I don’t want to engage in gossip. I want to limit my complaining. I want my conversations to be meaningful and my words to align with my morals. It’s time to cleanse my spirit, not my body. I hope to flex my positivity muscles this month and will be posting about it here so come back and check in!


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