Beauty Product Show Down

I said I was going to “share” this new blog with people after a month of posting. That would have been last month…. As of now, I still haven’t really told anyone (let alone given anyone the link!) about this blog-baby because I’m pretty nervous I’ll drop the ball and stop posting.

& I really don’t need another blog collecting cyber dust…

So, instead of strictly sticking to my Veg Voyage, I will also be incorporating other aspects of my life. Hopefully, continuing with the theme of compassionate living but who knows? there may be some random posts here and there.

To start, I’m breaking down the products I use on a daily basis. I am by no means an expert on good vs. bad products to use but it’s a goal of mine to learn more about this topic. If you have any insight, please leave a comment!

Beauty Product Show Down – AM edition:

  • In the morning, I run a washcloth after hot water, ring it out, and press the whole thing over my face. I learned this from my great grandma when I was little and have kept it a part of my beauty routine for years. Doing this, wakes me up and removes any sleepiness from my eyes.
  • Next, I slather Olay CC cream on my face. I love this because it moisturizes and adds a touch of foundation all in one step. The only down side is it doesn’t have sunscreen.
  • My sister introduced me to Voluminous Volume Mascara when I was 14 and I’ve been obsessed with it ever since. It is the BEST mascara and I pretty much wear it every day. (I really hope they don’t test this on animals….)
  • Eye brow powder is my other obsession and is the one thing I will NOT leave the house without applying. I’ve been know to take this camping with me and “put on my eyebrows” it in the middle of the woods.
  • Lastly, time permitting, I’ll brush some bronzer on so I actually look like I live in California.

Beauty Product Show Down – PM edition:

  • I shower at night and only wash my hair every other day.
  • Lately, I’ve been using soap I’ve taken from stays at hotels because my collection of the mini irresistible goods was getting out of control.
  • I use Cetaphil to wash my face
  • After I shower, I usually use hemp body lotion
  • I use Aquaphor as chap stick at night (by my bedside) and Trader Joe’s Head to Toe balm on my heels (there is a running joke between me & my dad that we have HEELS OF STEEL; we both really need that nightly lotion.)

** Note this blog went through a rebrand and is now veg vibes; which aligns better with the direction I organically gravitated towards. It’s all about your vibe **

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