A rocky start to my meatless March

It is March 2nd and my goal for being a public vegetarian has already been shattered. Why? Two words. Carnitas nachos.

Growing up and living in California, Mexican food has played a delicious and prevalent part in my diet. I am obsessed with all things beans, cheese and tortilla. Enchiladas, tacos, burritos, nachos, quesadillas. Give them all to me. Now!

To be clear, the meat in these dishes isn’t the main reason for my love affair with Mexican food. I can happily get down with the vegetarian version of any and all Mexican dishes. You might be asking yourself why carnitas nachos already lead me to failure on my SECOND day of trying not to eat meat out… Well, you see, I can resist the meat but the nachos? the light and crunchy fried tortilla chips smothered with melted cheese and beans? the creamy avocado and flavorful pico de gallo sprinkled on top? I CAN’T SAY NO! With or without a side of animal on top.

So, today, when a friend/co-worker asked if I wanted the rest of her carnitas nachos (key word: NACHOS), I grabbed some of her napkins and didn’t breathe again until all of the ooey gooey goodness was gone. Granted, I probably only ate about 5 chips with meat on them, I still ate meat. I still fail.

Hopefully this is my only slip up for the month week but we’ll see… Did I mention I’m going Nashville in 2 weeks? Is it possible to survive in the south without meat?


♡ Ashley