Back when I had endless hours to scroll around the internet, I used to love reading What I Ate Wednesday posts from bloggers I followed. It might seem weird to most, but for some reason I am fascinated by what folks fuel themselves with throughout the day.

Some of it might stem from me being pretty particular about what I eat in a day… I am a firm believer that you can eat everything and anything, just not in the same day. Nothing is “bad” in our house; bagels loaded with cream cheese, whole pizzas in one sitting, double servings of ice cream. We indulge in it all. However, if we are having a loaded burger with fries for dinner, we’ll eat lighter for breakfast and lunch.

I typically try to follow the general rule of one protein-heavy meal, one carb-heavy meal, and one combo (protein/carb) meal throughout the day. For this precision, I spend a good amount of time meal planning but I don’t mind because strangely enough, I actually enjoy it and, more importantly, we rarely have ANY food waste. I account for all of the food in our house, down to the very last spinach leaf.

Eating this way works for me (and by default, Mike). It’s something I am able to stay consistent with because I don’t feel like I am depriving myself. Nothing is off limits. No day is a diet day.

…Whew, ok, what a longwinded intro just to share the damn thing!

Below is what we ate today. Granted it’s a little fancier than we normally go but I’m trying to get in some longer prep meals now before I go back to work early next month and it’s basically quesadillas and fish sticks every day.

Breakfast: overnight oats with berries, coconut shavings, and mint

This was my first time making overnight oats and yesss please, count me in. I used this recipe and think the mashed banana really made it yum. Next time, I am making a double or triple match so we can enjoy for more than one breakfast.

Lunch: fish tacos with guac and pickled radishes + corn on the cob

Three things here. 1. I made a blacked fish spice blend a few weeks ago but doubled the recipe so I would have some on hand for another time, which I recommend doing! 2. Do you know how easy it is to pickle radishes (and red onions for that matter)? Just slice thin, cover with vinegar (I used apple cider), sprinkle with S&P, and let sit for at least 10 minutes. An easy way to get a lot more flavor bang. 3. I’ve started using corn on the cob to replace other lunch sides like chips and I’m loving the healthy swap.

Snack: mini orange (a cutie) and a kids Z bar

This snack takes me right back to the early days with Cam. Usually during our afternoon walks, I would take a bar and an orange with us while Mike pushed the stroller. As a loose rule of thumb, if I am having a snack that is packaged (like a bar), I like to pair it with something whole (like a piece of fruit). It might be more calories (although, marginally as fruit is usually pretty low cal) but I feel better eating grown-in-the-earth food.

Our first family walk!

Dinner: ratatouille and chicken with a creamy dill sauce

Since COVID I’ve been pan-frying a lot of our meat and have to say I like it more than baking. I love the brown crispy bits. Tonight I fried up some chicken using a bit of coconut oil and made a quick sauce with chicken stock, sour cream, mustard, and a bunch of dill. I paired the chicken with previously made, frozen, thawed, and heated up again ratatouille. Along with forgetting to take a picture, I forgot to roast our potatoes (!) so dinner was pretty light, which brings us to…

Dessert: milk shakes and onion rings + fries

Sweet and savory! Mike and I knew we were going to be hungry after such a light dinner so indulged in milkshakes and a bit more food.

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