Friday Favorites [Fall edition]

Sticking with a seasonal Friday Favorites this year, I’m coming at you with some things I’ve been loving over the past 3 months .

New beauty products

For my 30th birthday my friend Melissa got me one of the best balms (the “W” – or the “M” – photoed above). It was extra appreciated when we were in Vancouver and my skin was dry because of the cold.

I also got a new, natural make up remover and AM face oil from ECOLIXIR that has been great this season. This is the best makeup remover I’ve ever used, especially after holiday parties when I wear more mascara, etc. than normal. The AM face oil (photoed above as well) has a citrus smell that is nice in the morning.

I’ve been slowly cleaning up my beauty routine and these 2 products are welcome editions.

The classics

Obviously pumpkins and scarves are always a cliche hit this season. ๐Ÿ™‚ We kept up with tradition and craved pumpkins with my family for the 9th year in a row!

Early morning coffee runs

Once a week, I’ve been treating myself to a oat milk cafe au late on my way to work. I stop at my favorite cafe, Manresa Bread, right after they open. It’s so quite and early enough that there is always good parking. At $5 a coffee this can’t be an every day habit but it’s been a nice way to brighten up my commute once in a while.

I foresee many walks downtown for coffee when this little babe arrives. ๐Ÿ™‚


As a part of my prenatal care, I went to a phycologist so they could check on my mental well-being and see how strong my support system was. The physician asked me a lot of questions about Mike and I answered every one with some variation of, I LOVE HIM SO MUCH HE IS THE BEST EVER (even getting a little teary eyed, hiiii hormones?!).

My doctor told me that she generally sees mamas-to-be either totally in love with their partners or completely annoyed with them. I can see how it can go either way, or toggle between the two, honestly. Anyway, all of this to say, I’ve been real obsessed with Mike lately. Maybe it’s because I’m pregnant, or maybe it’s because he’s just my favorite on the regular. Either way I snapped the pic above at my holiday party and … most handsome guy ever!!? *swoon*

Being pregnant

I have a second trimester post living in my drafts that goes into more detail but of course being pregnant has been a new, wonderful thing this Fall. It is going by so quickly but I still can’t wait until mid March to meet our baby!!

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