Friday Favorites

New water bottle

I found this water bottle on sale a few weekends ago and have been loving it! It was only $10 so cheap compared to other trendy water bottles shaped the same. It keeps my water cold all day. I’m using less plastic bottles. And it’s my favorite color. All around wins.


Everything but the Bagel and Onion Salt spices

When Melissa was here she tipped me off to the Everything but the Bagel trend that is gripping Trader Joe’s fans (🙋). So, when I was shopping and saw it last week I was sure to pick up one. The Onion Salt also caught my eye and I thought, why not? I’ve only tried Everything but the Bagel and if it’s any indicator of the Onion Salt… I’m a fan.



Simpler Times canned white wine

Another TJ’s gem! This wine is cute, sparkly, and cheap. I heard they sell out fast so I grabbed two the other day and will probably be making it a regular shopping list item. At only $3.99 (the same price as my beloved Spindrift sparking waters, mind you) it’s a steal. Side note: I also love that it is teal.



I love lemons from friends who have overgrown trees. Look at all these beauts Mike got from a friend!

Note the ugly one front and center that Mike picked specifically for me! Don’t be scared of ugly fruit, y’all

My Breville espresso maker

Mike surprised me with this baby years ago and it is still of my favorite gifts ever. I’ve made countless coffees for myself, friends, and family. It’s something I would likely never buy for myself because of the price but it’s been such a great investment I might rethink that if this one ever stops working (touch wood).


Does anyone else go to bed excitedly anticipating their coffee the next morning?? asking for a friend

Our new, redone office space

About a month ago, Mike and I redid our office to reduce clutter and open the space up.

What we nixed:

  • 2/3 of our L shape desk that rarely never got any use
  • two monitors
  • a computer
  • surround sound speakers
  • a printer (that we didn’t even have ink for)

What we bought:

  • 3 cube organizer shelf to go under the TV and keep our DVD player on (something that used to sit on part of the desk)
  • 3 cube storage bins to put things like games, workout DVDs, workout bands, etc. in (I personally don’t like things to be too matchy-matchy so we went with 2 gray and 1 navy and put the navy on the far right vs. the more common middle place)
  • This and this storage basket to put our yoga mats, foam roller, weights, etc. in – these aren’t the cutest baskets but they are functional and were cheap; plus they are casual enough for the space vs. the other rustic baskets they had
  • A throw pillow similar to this one but I bought it on sale at Ross (i.e. no link)
  • This tiny topiary because it is so cute

What we did: 

  • Disassembled our desk and took 2/3 down to the garage.
  • We now have a desk that takes up half the space and a window that’s a lot more accessible and visible. I love it.
  • Put the 3 cube storage together and organized small items inside the bins.
  • Arranged our mats and weights between the 2 baskets (I think this is my favorite addition because everything is easily accessible but it doesn’t look scattered like it used to with our mats just propped up against the walls and the weights in an old laundry basket!)
  • Added a new pillow to our futon to tie in the gray strips on the basket to something else in the room.

So far we are loving the new look! In the end, the project cost more money than I thought it would but the pieces we got can easily be used again when we move. I wish I took a before picture but I didn’t think about it… Here are some after shots though!







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