Friday Favorites

Kevyn Aucoin Sensual Skin Enhancer Concealer

I bought this stuff a few months ago and can’t stop talking about it. The coverage is INSANE and you only need the tiniest amount (literally like a dab the size of a pencil eraser is more than enough). I’ve been mixing it with a little vitamin E oil for an extra dewey look. A favorite for sure!


8fit (app)

I’ve posted about YouTube workout videos but this app is close to pulling rank on my favorite list. The workouts are short (a necessity for me but if you like them longer you can string 2 or 3 together). They are self-paced. The app tracks what you’ve done so far and lets you add notes at the end. Plus they have a music option with actual hits, not rando music that you’ve never heard before. Working out made fun, friends!

Yes, the Friends building is my background (taken from my trip to New York)

Bebe Rexha

OMG I am obsessed with this girl. Bebe has an incredible voice and she writes her own songs and songs for other artists. Bad bitch, I’m telling you! I’ve been playing her music videos on loop. My favorite rn is Back To You with Louis Tomlinson.

I’ve also been loving Slow Hands for a while now so I might be the only person fully supportive of One Direction splitting up.

Side note: my friend Morgan and Bebe Rexha remind me of each other and I love it.

who dis? Bebe or MB?

Iced coffee! 

My friend Lydia says “Ashley likes her drinks cold without any sweet.” She gathered this intel from the many coffee runs we used to take when we worked together and I would often clarify “absolutely no sugar.”

I could drink my beloved iced coffee when it’s cold out but I just don’t. So the second the weather is warmer, I’m like gimme all of dat iced coffee.

I’m going to say fall is my favorite season (#basic) but summer is a close contender because, well, ICED CAFFEINE!

Summer dresses

Speaking of warmer weather… most days lately have been perfect weather to throw on a summer dress and call it a day. I love wearing dresses because all you have to worry about it what shoes to wear and you’re done. Plus, I snagged some really cute dresses in Bali that people have been complimenting. High impact, minimal effort. All about it.

The Skimm (still)

I finally got to Skimmbassador status aka got my Skimm tote and it’s actually my favorite bag. Almost too good to use (unless you’re having your friend take pictures of you at the local farmers market and you strategically stage it to be in the photos). #notsorry

that Skimm swag

If you haven’t signed up already to get theSkimm emailed to you daily, sign up with this link:

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