Bali (part two – Potato Head Beach Club)

On Monday (#OOO) we woke up early and went straight back to The Shady Shake. Like I mentioned in my last post, this was my favorite place in Bali and I could have eaten here everyday for the rest of the trip.

I started with an iced coconut milk cappuccino. Bliss! Then ordered the tomato and avocado toast topped with poached eggs and a side of gluten free bread.  Mike ordered a drool-worthy smoothie bowl and an iced matcha green tea latte. They were both worth the mega photo binge below. Enjoy. 😉

Gimme dat bowl

We were back at our villa by 9:30am for our scooter rental drop off. Mike was really excited about the idea of renting a scooter to drive us around the island. At first, I just didn’t want to let him down, so hesitantly agreed to the scooter and followed through with getting on the back of the bike with a when in Rome mentality backing me. Mike, of course, was great at driving the scooter and, soon enough, he was zipping around like a local.

We took the scooter to Potato Head Beach Club in Seminyak. It was about 30 minutes away but hard to miss. We ended up driving by it a few times before finally locating it. By the time we got there all of the day beds had been taken but no matter. This place was still insanely amazing.

When we walked in, I was like, honey, I’m home! It had all of the elements of a perfect vacation day for me. There was a huge infinite pool overlooking the beach. On one end of the pool was a swim-up bar and the other had a section where the water was ankle high that you could lounge on. It was casual with a hint of luxury. It felt secluded but not snobby. Perfection!

We started the day in the bar with a round of cocktails and then hit the pool.

Eventually we got out for lunch. I ordered nachos and Mike got a crab sandwich. Both were great! (I was surprised at how much Mexican food I ate while in Bali but this California girl is not complaining!)

We walked down to the beach and I haggled for the first time, leaving with these gorgeous sarongs as souvenirs for myself and some friends at home.

We were about ready to leave back to our villa when we were finally called for a daybed. Not being able to resist, we had one last (virgin) drink and didn’t regret leaving a little later for a second. Having a daybed the whole time would have been so convenient. If we’re ever back in Bali, we’ll be sure to get there right at opening to snag one. 🙂

There was a lot of traffic on the way back to the villa, which made for a more stressful ride. But once you’re on the open road, it’s quite peaceful scooting around all of the rice fields. …Although, nothing could prepare us for the best, most beautiful rice field we were about to discover. Stay tuned for our next adventure in Ubud!

** Note this blog went through a rebrand and is now veg vibes; which aligns better with the direction I organically gravitated towards. It’s all about your vibe.**

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