Love Warrior review

I finished Love Warrior by Glennon Doyle Melton a fews months ago and have been meaning to write about it since! You know those books that come to you exactly when you need them? This was like that for me. I raved about it to anyone who would listen. While I was reading Glennon’s words, I couldn’t help but feel connected to her. Not surprisingly, her evaluations and observations about life, love, and all other things messy were spot on. I also felt in-step with her because I, too, am a writer.

With every metaphor and every perfectly strung together sentence, I felt her. It was like, girl, I know how good it is to make sense of it all through words. I know that clarity.  I’ve felt that heart overhaul; when your words are all you have but they sure do make you strong and sure, don’t they?

As mentioned, it’s been a few months since I’ve devoured this book but it still comes up almost weekly in conversation for me. I’m always like – “have you read Love Warrior, not Love Worrier, as in, to worry… but Love Warrior?”  Most people haven’t and I instantly insist they order the book stat. Especially if they are a female.*

This book made being a woman make sense to me. I am a sensitive, emotional female. Reading Love Warrior made me feel like that is okay; that maybe it’s even normal. …And that’s a line I’m rarely fed.

How refreshing to read that having feelings – complicated, intense, scattered emotions – is just apart of the game! What a relief! I don’t have to live this muted, mundane life with a limited emotional range. I can cry hard, laugh loud, be in lust with my yoga practice, feel like my whole life’s tale is told in a song so good you can’t help but turn it up, and it’s fine. It’s fucking fine because shit is hard and reacting to it all is human.

I will note that a major component of Love Warrior is religion. Glennon has her own take on it and it’s basically that love is love and God wants nothing more from us than to love each other and ourselves.  I admire, respect, and agree with her definition. However, even for me, there were times when it was a lot of love talk. And I think that’s sayin’ something, if I’m the one saying it.

Nonetheless, Love Warrior is a highly recommended read. But be sure to have another book lined up after, because you’ll be done with this one before you know it.


*Disclaimer: based on the generalization that we ladies are more emotional than men. Of course I realize there are all sorts of different women out there (and men!) and there isn’t a “right way” to be female or male.


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