Rainy weekend recap

My grandparents were in town this weekend and we spent a cozy, rainy weekend catching up. I am very much a family girl so I love when my grandma and grandpa come down to visit! They drove down from Reno on Friday and met me at work for lunch.

Me and G-Dub with the Ice Cream sandwich Android 
Nuget Android!
Missing an arm 😦

After work we went to my friend’s house to watch their cutie toddler. It wasn’t your typical night but I think my grandparents enjoyed spending time with a little one, especially because he is at such a fun age! Plus, he seemed to really like my grandpa and sat contently on his lap for half hour watching a movie with us.

Saturday morning was lazy and rainy. A favorite combo of mine! I made bacon (rare in my house!), scrambled eggs with spinach and cheese, toast, and coffee and tea. There really is something about cooking for your loved ones and sharing a meal together. 🙂

After breakfast we went up to my mom’s so Mike and my grandpa could help put together a new shelf she just got. In typical fashion, the girls hung around while the boys assembled the shelf. Then it was time for lunch at a local favorite, Franklin Street Cafe. My mom and I spilt a salad and I ordered a cup of the chicken tortilla soup.

On our way back to our house, we saw an Open House in the neighborhood. Checking out houses/condos is a fun, quick thing to do; especially with how outrageous prices are in the Bay Area! Every time, it’s like wait, how much!?

Then it was back to our house to learn a new game called Phase 10. About half way through the game we decided to Door Dash Sam’s BBQ, a South Bay gem! We all ordered the Carolina pulled pork platter with various sides. For me, the day’s eats included a lot of meat (bacon, chicken, pulled pork….) but that’s how it goes sometimes.

After we finished dinner and our game (Mike won, #standard), we watched a documentary on Netflix and called it a night. The next morning we went to Willow Glenn for breakfast at Crepevine, where my grandma and I spilt the French toast. Lots of splities in this family.

My grandparents left shortly after breakfast and Mike and I promptly crawled right back in bed. He napped on and off while I watched Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason …Mike’s commentary included at no additional charge;)

I’ve seen the first Bridget Jones but not the second… The sequel wasn’t as good (in my opinion) but I still love how ridiculous Bridget Jones is. I’m looking forward to seeing the third movie soon!

It was still raining outside after the movie but Mike and I decided to go hot tubbing anyway. And to our pleasant surprise, our pool was still heated! We spent the afternoon swimming and hot tubbing in the rain and it was sooo much fun and a great Sunday activity.

After our dip, we grabbed quick slices of pizza and then went for happy hour at our FAVORITE restaurant OCK. A few hours later we made vegan Thai veggie wraps for dinner with peanut sauce. We’ve made these in the past but this time, we piled all of the vegetables on a plate and wrapped them as we went. I didn’t know if the wraps would be enough for dinner but it turned out that they were perfect! I think taking the time to make each wrap and then eat it, slowed down dinner which meant our brains had time to tell us we were full before over-eating. At least that’s what I read happens… hehe


Tune in next week for another weekend recap. I know you can hardly wait 😉

** Note this blog went through a rebrand and is now veg vibes; which aligns better with the direction I organically gravitated towards. It’s all about your vibe.**

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