Veg Lunches

I am a huge advocate for bringing your lunch to the office. It will generally be healthier, save you money, and you can use the time spent driving around town to get food to take a walk around the parking lot instead! (Which legitimately is what I do on days that I’m in the office.)

Mike used to eat out every day (talk about a pricey habit!) but decided to bring a lunch from home 2 days a week instead; which has saved him money and has likely given him better health.

**Note when Mike started bringing lunches to work, he would make them himself but I quickly took over having a self-proclaimed OCD state of needing to know exactly what and how much food we have in our house at any given moment. (Seriously, it’s a bit weird how well I know the contents of our cabinets and refrigerator.)***

Most weeks I make Mike some variation of a hummus sandwich. When we did our No Sugar Cleanse, we learned that sourdough is the best bread to eat (if you’re trying to avoid sugar). I start off with four slices of Trader Joe’s sourdough bread and spread hummus on all pieces. Then I top with whatever veggies we have on hand – which usually includes cucumbers, carrots, and tomato. Sometimes, on a “good week” (we joke), I use sprouts too.  I will also pack a piece of fruit, maybe some chips, and Mike has lunch!

Occasionally I will pack him leftovers or just make one sammy and pair it with soup but basically hummus sandwiches are all the guy gets. (Side note, I should be mixing up his lunches with homemade burritos now, since I have so many frozen.)

This week I decided to spice up Mike’s lunches with a Can you even handle it? Instead of relying on my go-to hummus sandwich, I got a tad more creative and made him vegetable farro. (Farro is basically quinoa’s cousin – but is made from wheat – so far less trendy.)

Aside from being a believer in bringing your own lunches to work, I am also a big fan of frozen vegetables. I usually have peas and corn on hand and vary between broccoli, green beans, and a few other good ones! (Who am I kidding?! They are all good;)

This week we have frozen peas, (corn – not included in this recipe) and broccoli. I also had fresh carrots and onions. While my farro was boiling in the broth, I sauteed my veggies…


…Then added the cooked farro right on top…


…Mixed it all together and stored in glass containers for Mike’s lunch this week.


This veg packed meal – paired with more vegetables red peppers and cucumbers to dip in hummus (can’t get away from the stuff!) – is a healthy, cheap lunch for Mike that should leave him full and satisfied.

Stay tuned and eat your greens.

** Note this blog went through a rebrand and is now veg vibes; which aligns better with the direction I organically gravitated towards. It’s all about your vibe **

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