Vegan sweet potato burritos

Since Mike and I have been trying our hand at being weekatarians (which we did a pretty good job at maintaining over the holidays) I’ve noticed I have been relying heavily on cheese to supplement the flavor meat used to bring our dinners. Last year at least 3 out of our 5 dinners (we usually eat out on the weekends) had cheese as a main ingredient so I decided to try really hard to limit our cheese intake in 2016. We aren’t completely cutting out dairy (yet) so I think it will be fine to have cheese once or twice a week at dinner but certainly not as much as we used to. So we don’t miss out on flavorful and satisfying dinners, I will use a lot of beans and herbs in dinners this year. I love cooking with fresh herbs but find that I don’t use all of them quick enough. This is why I will be buying one fresh herb a week and basically building most of our dinners around it. This week? Cilantro!

No cheese for me, please

Tonight we had vegan sweet potato burritos with cauliflower cilantro lime rice and because of a HUGE demand for some recipes on this blog (ok, ok, one person has suggested I add a few veg recipes…), I’ve provided the ingredients and instructions for you below 🙂

Note: I usually would add cheese to our burritos but, tonight, skipped it (hence the vegan part) and I have to say, with the flavor from the guac and the salsa, I didn’t even notice cheeses’ absence. I also REALLY like guac so you can adjust the below measurements below to your liking. Also, Trader Joe’s currently has cauliflower rice available in their frozen food aisle – definitely worth trying! Capture

(I made 6 burritos from this recipe and froze the 4 we didn’t eat.)


♡ Ashley

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