5 Steps to a becoming a Weekatarian

Five steps to becoming a whaaaat?

Five steps to becoming a weekatarian! A weekatarian is someone who only eats meat on the weekend and during the week is a vegetarian.

I recently watched the movie Cowspiracy and then posted the following status* update on Facebook: Capture

I posted this right before I went to bed and fell asleep thinking I would wake up to a ton of likes and comments.

You go, girl, I told myself, posting the status that will snowball  some change. 

This morning I had 3 likes (ha!!); one from Morgan, one from her finance, Joe (yes, the MoJo featured in Washington… you my jam), and one from a high school friend that I haven’t talked to in years (but still  appreciated the FB love). ((Please note, Michael, yes my S.O., WHO IS TAGGED IN THE POST didn’t even like it…)) Sooooooo, so much for changing the word…

And then I thought, maybe, just maybe (!) it’s because I didn’t also provide a 5 step plan to help people do what I want them to do 😉 …I realize this too will likely not evoke much change but I refuse to give up!

As mentioned in my status, Mike and I have been living as weekatarians for about a month now. It really is easier than I thought; I’m saving money by not buying meat for the week; and, of course, I’m happy that I’m doing good for the earth.

Below you will find 5 steps to becoming a Weekatarian yourself:

  1. Commit: Watch some of the documentaries I’ve mentioned on this blog (Forks Over Knives, Vegucated and Cowspiracy, to name a few) and get angry! Get angry about what how animals are being treated or how our government doesn’t care about it’s peoples health or how agriculture is destroying the planet. I promise you, if you’re angry about even one of these things, it will make committing to this cause a lot easier.
  2.  Prepare: Go online and on Pinterest to find veg recipes that look good to you. Make a list of all the ingredients you will need and then go shopping! (Don’t be scared to buy new spices and herbs that you haven’t tried before – smoked paprika is my new go-to.)
  3. Execute: This is simple, just don’t eat meat during the week! You are armed with a new attitude (of wanting a better life for yourself, the animals, the globe, or all three) and a kitchen full of ingredients to start cooking your non-meat meals.
  4. Re-commit: You might not need this step but it’s possible that on Thursday night, when that slice of pepperoni pizza is calling your name and you don’t think you’ll be satisfied until you eat it, you have to re-commit. I’ve found adding spice (chili flakes on my pizza) gives me that little something extra when I feel like eating meat. Besides, being a weekatarian means you still get meat on the weekends, remember? Surely  you can hold off for a few more days. Just think of all the good you’re doing for your girl, Planet Earth.
  5. Dive Deeper: This step could also be optional for you and one I am flirting with taking. Instead of just giving up meat during the week, also give up cheese and other dairy products. This will be particularly hard for me because I love a good splash of half and half in my morning coffee and a piece of fruit with a few slices of cheese is a popular snack for me but the more I learn about a diet that is mostly plant based and how good it is, the more animal products I am prepared to give up.

As an ending note, throughout the day I did get a few more likes on my status (and, as to be expected, a small comment war about not.giving.up.meat!).


♡ Ashley

*Yes, I just realized that I have a typo in my first sentence (recommend recommended) – nothing like a verb tense mistake to make you sound really smart! This has since been edited on Facebook 😉

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