In my kitchen

In February Mike’s mom told me about saving vegetable scraps in your freezer to make broth. I love anything veg and homemade so as soon as we got home, I dedicated a big zip-lock bag in my freezer for the ends of carrots, tops of bell peppers, outer layers of onions, and any other vegetable pieces that would otherwise go in the trash.

My bag filled up within a couple months but it sat there – frozen and dormant – until tonight! I finally cut up a few onions that were on the verge, some celery and garlic that I had on hand, and started to make my veg broth. While I was in my kitchen, putting things away and taking in the savory smells of my scraps boiling, I started thinking about a post to show what food I have in my kitchen on a random Monday.

So, here we are… Below are pictures (upstaged and not the greatest…) of what is currently in my kitchen.

Starting from the top left and moving clock-wise:

  1. Do you see all of that tea we have? (Shelves 1 and 4- 9!) My boyfriend is clearly an addict 😉 We also have our spices, oils, and pastas stored here.
  2. Our cabinet is tiny so I think it looks like we have more food than we actually do (or I’m in denial and have a problem buying/stocking up on organic noshes). On the top shelf we have our flour, sugar, etc. – things we don’t use very often. On the middle shelf we have snacks and treats (in the basket) like crackers, bars, and popcorn + all of our “extras” we keep on hand like salsa, mustard, and olive oil spray. On the last shelf we store “everyday” items like granola, soups, dried onions (SO good on salads), etc. (Note, I am using the pasta sauce for dinner tomorrow hence it’s front and center location.)
  3. An overall snap of our refrigerator. I know it looks like I haven’t gone shopping in a while but that isn’t the case at all. I just went to the farmers market and Trader Joe’s yesterday – expect most of the food I buy for the week is stored in the drawers. #vegetables #fruit (You will also spot hummus, eggs, almond milk and half&half, which are regular guests in our fridge among a few other random things like the apple cider, that I’m pretty sure has been there since last Thanksgiving.)
  4. Our veg drawer. This week we have peppers, spinach, onions, mushrooms (brown paper bag), carrots, celery, sprouts and broccoli (both stored in the blue glass containers to keep fresh longer).

[Fruit drawer not photographed] Since it’s winter, we aren’t eating too much fruit but apples are a stable and tangerines are good for a boost of vitamin C during flu season.

What we buy and have is the house doesn’t vary a lot from week to week. We have our staples and rotate through them. Although, most weekends we eat out a lot and get more … experimental.

Stay tuned and eat your greens.

** Note this blog went through a rebrand and is now veg vibes; which aligns better with the direction I organically gravitated towards. It’s all about your vibe **

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