C’est la vie

Hey. Hi. How ya doing? It’s been a while since I’ve visited this little blog-baby but I’m back now.

Let’s dive right into it, shall we?

Like a lot of people, I try to eat a relatively balanced diet. Meaning mostly good stuff (veggies, whole grains, fruit and lean meats) but not beating myself up about the occasional indulgence (a second glass of wine, a cookie after dinner). Everyday is a work in progress and that, my friends, is the point of this post.

Most days, I try to think about what I’ll be eating and make a good, solid effort to “balance it out.” For example, if I’m having pasta for dinner, a salad and a healthy (preferably low carbohydrate) breakfast would be ideal options. This was basically my day today. I knew I was having veggie lasagna for dinner so wanted to keep it light on the carbs during my other meals.

I started my day with an apple and peanut butter granola*, which, isn’t as “light on the carbs” as eggs would have been but it’s Monday, I needed to get to work, and granola was going to be faster. C‘est la vie.

For lunch I had a salad packed with veggies (cucumbers, carrots, corn, and soybeans), plus half an avocado. And then, a couple hours later, I was really hungry again but we are going out of town this weekend so I don’t have the essential ingredient I usually stock my kitchen with: my superstar, best-refrigerator-buddy, hummus! My go-to snack. The blended chickpea greatness that I love in every flavor.  …I thought about whipping some up but I knew it would go bad by the time we leave and, did I mention, I was really hungry.

Sooooo, when in doubt, always open the cheese log, right!?

Well, typically, no. …especially on a night that I was already having lasagna. HOWEVER, my options were slim to none. SO, I opened the cheese, pulled out some crackers and BAM(!) my snack was pretty much the same flavor profile as my dinner would be. (Cheesy, carb-y GOODNESS!) C‘est la vie.

Usually I don’t really like eating like this but, hey, variety is the spice of life, right?

Wait, I think I’m just getting carried away with the cliches in this one……………………………….

C‘est la vie.

ANYWAY(!), my point is, tomorrow is a new day and ya know what? I get to try all over again to eat a balanced diet. Now, isn’t that something beautiful?

Until next time…

Stay tuned and eat your greens.

** Note this blog went through a rebrand and is now veg vibes; which aligns better with the direction I organically gravitated towards. It’s all about your vibe **

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