Southern Bell

This past weekend I went to visit my best friend, Leslie, who is attending business school in Nashville and honestly, I was a little nervous. Trying not to eat meat in the south? was it going to be possible?

To my surprise, it was very possible! Read on about what I ate during my southern adventure.

My trip started off rocky with a canceled flight and then a FOUR hour layover in Saint Louis. I had a banana, a poppy seed muffin and earl gray tea (to clam my nerves from the travelers stress) while still in San Francisco and then found a California Pizza Kitchen in the airport. I ordered the split pea soup and a $9 salad with mixed greens, two slices of onions and like, 5 cranberries. (I also had to pay for WiFi. Airports…) Luckily, my soup was on point  0473 – it was actually so filling that I was able to save my salad for dinner when I (finally) arrived at Leslie’s house. Here, I added some organic chicken (because Leslie is also a health nut) to my salad and paired it with a tortilla a hummus. Carbo loading before the bars is a must, people!

The next morning we got brunch and coffee. I ordered a breakfast wrap without the sausage and the best latte I’ve had in a while. (I think milk in my coffee would be the hardest thing to give up if I ever try veganism….)

For dinner, we went to a place called Adele’s to celebrate a birthday! Leslie and I split the salmon, risotto with shrimp, and a side of sauteed spinach. A lot of food before a night out at the Honky Tonks!

After some barhopping, we ended the night with slices of veggie pizza (at 3:30am, which is later than I’ve stayed out for at least 2 years).

The next morning we went for another coffee run at The Frothy Monkey and then headed to The Loveless Cafe for a seriously southern breakfast. The Loveless Cafe is a major tourist spot with a wait of TWO HOURS! This was my last day in Nashville and we had places to be and things to see (!) so we ordered our food to go and ate cheese grits and biscuits and gravy in Les’s car. (Pure class!) Disclaimer: I’m pretty sure the gravy was not vegetarian. Oops!

And then it was time for dinner and HOT CHICKEN, which Nashville is famous for. Being from California, I sufficiently embarrassed Leslie and ordered my chicken grilled instead of fried… Can you say, ‘DISAPPOINTMENT?!’

…Disappointment for dual reasons, since I ordered my hot chicken ‘healthy’ and ate chicken… But more on that later!

Overall, Nashville was an all around good time filled with good music, good food (even if it wasn’t all vegetarian…), and the best company!

Added bonus: if you’re a fan of the show Nashville, like I am, the Blue Bird Cafe is just like it is shown of the show. …Expect a lot smaller and right next to a McDonald’s…

Bar bathroom mirror pics! #basic

My soup and salad during my layover

One of the best lattes I’ve ever had!

A heart in my mocha from The Frothy Monkey

Hey there………..

The Loveless Cafe. Nashville, TN

My grilled hot chicken with one of Leslie’s fried strips to try 😉

Les and her HOT CHICKEN

Biscuits and gravy with cheese grits, y’all

McDonald’s not photographed


♡ Ashley

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