Our wedding day ♡

On Friday, May 17th, 2019 Mike and I got married at Saratoga Springs in California. I knew I wanted to get married at Saratoga Springs before Mike even proposed, so finding a venue wasn’t a hard choice for us. We actually only visited Saratoga Springs once and signed the contract without having to see anywhere else.

This quick decision making turned out to be the unwritten theme of our wedding; we met with one photographer and decided to move forward, I tried on 3 dresses and bought the first one I tried on, I asked my good friend Lauren to make cookies for dessert and never looked back. We opted early on to make quick decisions, not to dirty ourselves with too many details and time consuming indecision. If you’re not about stress, I recommended this method.

It helped that my drumbeat for the day was unwavering: our wedding had one great importance and that was us. Of course I also wanted nice centerpieces, decent food, and flowing wine, but those things weren’t worth much of a time or monetary investment to me. Our centerpieces were thought of and crafted as a collaborative effort between myself, Mike, my mom, and two of my friends, Allysa and Leslie. We were fine with the buffet style meal the venue would provide, which was BBQ, and aside from picking the sides, didn’t think more about it. For us, a huge perk about a wedding a Saratoga Springs was that, if you picked the house options, the wine and beer were unlimited. (Although, we did splurge for an upgraded keg to add to the drink rotation because I’m picker about my beer than my wine and love an IPA.)

When I think back on our wedding day, one word comes to mind: joy. And I think that is a testament to what you say mattering and words being powerful. Leading up to the day, I repeatedly said people having a good time was a top priority.

All love, no drama.

Minimum effort, maximum enjoyment.

If my drumbeat was Mike & Ashley, Mike & Ashley, Mike & Ashley, my mantra for the day was everyone just dance and have fun! These are the two things thoughts that shaped our wedding.

Before the wedding, I asked Mike if once it was all said & done, would we deem it worth it? After all, even with the laissez-faire attitude I believe I had when planning our wedding, it still had it’s stressful parts…

I’m delighted to report that it 100%, would do it again in a heartbeat, was worth it.

Our wedding day was the most magical, whimsical, wine-fueled, joyful, love-filled, special day of my life. Everyone we love were there, and I believe it was all of our missions to have the best time. ♡

One thought on “Our wedding day ♡

  1. Lovely wedding post Ashley! So happy to know it was the perfect wedding day and memory.
    Love, Barb
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