[Meatless March] Week 4 + Overall Recap


Last month I tried eliminating meat from my diet. I’ve already not much of a meat eater but I was finding animal protein popping up more in my diet and thought a nice reset was in order! However, my last week of a Meatless March was … less than ideal. Around the 23rd I started to feel hungry all.of.the.time. And then I started to feel weak; like I was physically missing nutrients. That night I had a steak burrito for dinner from Chipotle. I instantly felt better. Clearly I failed at not eating meat in March. And my steak burrito wasn’t my only offensive…

Meat Eats in March:

  • During the first week Mike and I went to happy hour and orders a grilled cheese. When it came out, we realized the menu hadn’t listed the meat in it! I’m positive I could have returned it but I wasn’t in the spirit of wasting food. We ate it and I felt a little bummed that my Meatless March wouldn’t be a full 30 days without animal flesh…
  • I didn’t have any meat again until the night after St. Patrick’s Day when I went to my friend Leslie’s house for dinner. Her mom kills it every year with a traditional corned beef and cabbage meal. Couldn’t resist it. #sorrynotsorry
  • When we were in Truckee, a girlfriend and I decided to spilt lunch. She’s not a vegetarian and I didn’t want to make things difficult. We ended up ordering the chicken nachos and a spicy kale salad that came with bacon.

I ended up eating meat a handful of times throughout the month. Honestly I was eating meat a lot more before though; having almost fully abandoned my weekatarian ways since the holidays.  Although I slipped up during this challenge, it was, in fact, a great reset and a reminder to eat meat when it’s worth it (when you’re at a special dinner or out with friends) and not mindlessly.

I fully standby reducing meat consumption. We don’t need to eat animal protein everyday (and certainly not at every meal) however, having said that, sometimes a girl just needs a steak burrito… you feel me?

Until the next challenge…!


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