[Meatless March] Week 3

We’re more than 1/2 way through my Meatless March! I’m here to check in on the 3rd topic of the month: Veg lunches!

Last year I posted this about making Mike’s lunches but in the past 12 months, I’ve come up with some great new additions to add to the rotation that I wanted to share.

Veg and hummus sammies were still a big hit until Mike dropped down his brown-bagged lunches to once a week (he has team meetings and outings other days so it currently only makes sense to bring lunch on Mondays). I eat lunch at work everyday (thankssss, Google!) so I had to think of some ideas that could sustain only one lunch a week without wasting food.

As per usual, the solution was to utilize my freezer.

Instead of buying a container of hummus and a bunch of veggies for one sandwich a week, I created a new spin on veggie burgers that is easy, cost effective, and healthy! Win, win, win.

Trader Joe’s recently started selling individual packaged guacamole and they are life.changing. I buy these, a pack of tortillas, and a box of Southwest veg burgers; which are all freezer friendly!

On Sundays, I simply defrost everything overnight in the refrigerator, pack it in Mike’s lunch bag, and I’m done!

With these 3 ingredients, he assembles a quick & filling lunch at work. Note: it’s helpful to have a microwave to heat up the burger but I don’t think these would be terrible raw either. Mike simply crumbles the heated patty (making it more “filling-ish”) on the guac-topped tortilla and that’s wraps.it.up!

How easy is that?

You can pair this with a piece of fruit or sliced veg and you have a super cheap, healthy lunch. 

You can also try mixing it up with different veg burgers and spreads like:

Of course, leftovers are also always a good option or making/freezing a bunch of burritos at once is good to have on hand.

I hope you try a few of these veg-packed lunches soon!


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