I had big plans this weekend to hit up some local, organic restaurants and highlight them here. After all, the Bay Area has a great selection of health-focused places to eat! On Saturday afternoon, the day was going accordingly to planned when I met a friend for lunch at Lyfe Kitchen.

Lunch with a side of inspiration

I ordered my go-to; the quinoa crunch wrap (quinoa tabbouleh, vegetables, avocado, edamame hummus + Fireman’s hot sauce on the side – THE best hot sauce I’ve ever had!) and a side of sweet potato fries. Sadly, I forgot to take a picture before I ate my wrap. Instead I captured  my left over sweet potato fries (and a side of to-go hot sauce, it is seriously so good!).


Mike and I had plans to do a mini food crawl that night but ended up ordering a pizza instead! We spent the afternoon/evening putting together a new home bar and, of course, it took longer than expected.

Not too shabby…

I do want to do a highlight reel of some of my favorite healthy eateries but it will have to wait for now… Although I was bummed because just in my last post I mentioned I wanted to have a blog post every week! Without a food crawl, I didn’t really have any inspiration for a new post. Until … lunch yesterday; when I ordered a chipotle chicken salad.

You might be thinking, hey I thought you were a weekatarian — why’d you get meat? The simple answer is that the rule of not eating meat during the week has become hard. I still don’t eat much meat but Google graciously offers free meals and, although there are plenty of vegan and vegetarian options, it’s hard sometimes to pass up the grilled chicken on my salad.

This left me at a moral cross-roads. I still fully support eating less meat for animal well-being, the environment, and health reasons. But only eating meat on the weekends isn’t currently working for me. This is why I’m choosing to redefine my eating “label.” I no longer identity with being a weekatarian and certainly don’t want to claim to be something I am not.

After reading a post on Oh She Glows (one that I sadly can’t find now to link), I’m following Angela’s lead and deciding to going label-less. I don’t need or want to define my diet anymore. I will simply try to eat my healthiest at every meal. Of course, for me, this does mean more veggies and less meat but I don’t want to be tied to rules anymore.

“I don’t eat much meat,” seems a lot more manageable  than “I can only eat meat on the weekends” right now.

Having said that, I’ve gotten used to not buying or cooking meat so we will likely remain veg-only at home. (Plus, it’s SO much cheaper!)

Our dinner menu this week:

Veg burgers with sliced tomato and advo on bed of spinach with lemon broc and sp fries

Rice, garbanzo bean, and bell pepper wraps with feta + side of peas

Black bean pasta with buttered shredded carrots and broc + parm

Quinoa bowl with soybeans, corn, feta and side of salsa

On Friday we leave for Toronto! I will be posting about our trip when we get back. 🙂


– a.

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